What is Love?

What is love? Kind of a weird question for me to be asking, but really, what is it? Does love mean holding hands and kissing? Or is it just wanting nothing more than for that one person to be happy? Do you have to be in a serious and committed relationship to love someone? Is it possible to love someone at my age? Or would that be more like infatuation? Can love be temporary, or is it always forever and unconditional? Could love be your very first crush? Or the butterflies you feel every time you see him (or her)? Is it smiling when you read a cute text from that person? Is it him being your first thought when you wake up, and your very last before you fall asleep? Is it love when you can’t stand seeing him with somebody else? Do you always have to trust those you love? Does love hurt, or is it always happy and perfect? Is love more than a feeling; is love an action too? Is love thinking nothing could be better, and wanting nothing more than for that person to be right next to you, forever? Could love simply be a warm smile someone gives you on a bad day? Is love a well-needed hug from a good friend? Is it a thank-you card, or a present? Is love the song that reminds you of him, the one that plays over and over in your head? Is love having no worries? Is love wanting a person so badly, you would do anything for them? Could love be the way he makes you smile? Could love be the ache of missing someone? …If all these things aren’t love, then what is?



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