Good Things #6

1. It’s December! I absolutely love the winter and the snow… And everything else that comes with it!

2. My little sister and I made a video of us singing. She is so cute… And so talented! I love her.

3. I’m really looking forward to making presents for my friends, cause I think they’ll actually be good…

4. I am so glad that I’m done with my tree for Festival of Lights. Even though it was really fun making the ornaments.

5. I have the most amazing best friend ever cause she woke up early for me this morning.

6. I love short days.

7. Someone who never talks to me said hi to me today. And he even sounded friendly. Wow.

8. It makes me really happy when people give me fudge during lunch.

9. I’M SO EXCITED TO GO TO FLORIDA! 16 days! My aunt texted me and told me that my little cousin kept making her play my video over and over again. It made my day. (: I can’t wait to see my cousins!

10. I love sweatshirts.


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