My best friends.

Friendship. What is it? The dictionary says that a friend is “a person whom one knows and with whom has a bond of mutual affection…” No. The dictionary doesn’t do the word justice. Friendship is a lot more than knowing someone and liking them. Friendship is caring for someone more than you thought you could. A friend in someone you trust, someone you confide in. Friendship is going through tough times together, but always making it through. No matter what you do wrong, that friend still loves you and doesn’t abandon you. Friendship is loyalty. It is real, and if you’re lucky enough, it lasts a long time.

A few of the friends I have today I have known since even before Kindergarten, but not until the end of elementary and the beginning of Jr. High did we really become friends. Those friends are the greatest. Well, all of my friends are… But I’ve been thinking a lot recently… The cold weather brings back memories of last winter… And I realize that those two friends I’ve known forever have been through a lot with me. We’ve been through a lot individually and together. But what’s interesting is that one thing that affects one of us affects all of us in some way. What’s amazing to me is that we are still friends. Everything we have gone through together… I think that has made us stronger.

What’s crazy to me is that I have made so many mistakes, and yet they still love me. They tell me that I’m perfect. They tell me I’m amazing. Who am I to deserve that, with all the wrong things that I have done? But then I think, they’ve made mistakes too. But I still love them. They are still my best friends. Always. None of us are perfect. But we are friends that think of each other as perfection. We see more of what’s good in each other, because we love each other. This is when I know that friendship is love. The dictionary obviously doesn’t know that. I love my friends more than anything. I would honestly do anything for them. I hope that I am a good enough friend as they are to me. ♥

I am honestly so blessed with what I have. I don’t deserve any of it. I got lucky I guess…


I love you guys.


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