Maybe someday I could be a photographer..?

Florida was amazing. Better than I ever expected! If you would like to hear about my trip, just ask me about it; I’ve got plenty of stories!

Okay, I seriously can’t get over how cute my cousins are. They’re adorable!! Take a look:


This is Griffin. My stud of a cousin. He’s growing so fast! I love this kid. Even though sometimes he punches my camera and tells me I’m not his best friend anymore… But he makes up for all of that when he whispers to me the night before we head back to Utah that he’s gonna miss me. You might think this picture is a little weird… My sister said it looks like it’s from a magazine. Is that I good thing? I dunno. haha But I like it. I think it looks cool…


This is Maelie. Doesn’t she have the prettiest blue eyes? Yeah, I think so. She is so cute. She will be such a gorgeous girl when she grows up! Not that she isn’t now. My MaeMae gave me lots of memories on our trip to Florida. Listening to music in the bathroom, playing with her favorite toy “Seahorse”, and taking LOTS of photos. This little sweetheart is so much fun! And she has the cutest laugh ever. I love her!


This is Reece. She is such an adorable baby! I keep trying to come up with other words to describe these kids besides adorable, cute, and beautiful… but nothing comes to mind! How about, good-looking? haha Well anyway… Reecie is such a happy girl! And well, cute! She makes my heart melt. I love this little angel.


Yeah, I know. I was right. ADORABLE. These children are perfect.


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