To: Kat

Dear Kat,

What’s one of my favorite childhood memories? I have to think about this one… I actually remember a lot, but only bits and pieces. So there are lots of bits and pieces. haha I actually have tons of memories with the “Clock” boy… But I think I’m gonna choose something different…

First of all, I’m not sure if this story is mixed from different days, or if it is from the same day. Like I said, bits and pieces… Okay, here goes.

I was ten. It was summer. 2007, maybe? We were in the backyard. My uncle was teaching me how to play football. Well, him teaching me was a much earlier memory; from one of the first times he visited our house with my aunt. But he taught me how to throw and catch a football. He taught Grace and Kelsie too. Even when he wasn’t there, we’d toss the football around all the time. I remember one summer night Grace and I were playing catch and it was getting dark out, but the night was lit with the baseball lights across the street. Grace and I would count how many times we could catch it before we dropped it. I just remember that night, thinking I wanted to do this every summer…

Anyway. Back to my story. We were playing catch. Probably One-Thousand, that game where you yell out points and whoever catches it gets those points. This next part may seem like a little insignificant thing, but it’s vivid in my mind because I was impressed. As we were playing catch with my uncle, some boy was walking by on the sidewalk alone. My uncle called out to him and they passed the football back and forth for a bit until he was too far away. That might seem weird… Everyone around was laughing, but I remember silently watching. I seriously thought my uncle was the coolest ever.

After that (this may be from a different day), as we were playing catch, I guess one of my sisters was being mean, I can’t remember exactly what it was, but I ran up to my room crying. I hid under my bed and cried, not wanting to see anyone. But my uncle came upstairs, laid on the floor and talked to me, trying to make him feel better. He came when no one else did. And I am forever grateful that he did that.

I feel like I’m not doing a very good job at answering your question… Because there isn’t just one specific one. Sorry! I know for sure that this next thing is from a different day. Again, we were playing catch in the backyard. I’m pretty sure it was my uncle that accidentally threw it over the fence into our neighbors yard. Well the neighbors had a dog, and it was our red and black foam football that had gone over. Back then I was terrified of dogs. I was a baby. They scared me so much. So most of the time I was too scared to look over the fence. But Mowgli, the dog, was tearing our poor football apart. We all stood on the bricks around the garden to look over the fence at it. My uncle tried to get it to stop, but I remember Mowgli with the football in his mouth, shaking his head back and forth, looking up at my uncle. Not only was I afraid of the dog, but I was distraught at the fact that our precious football was being demolished. So my uncle took me to the store and we got a new one that looked just like it.

I still have that football today, but I don’t use it. It’s really special to me… It reminds me of playing catch in the backyard, and also I think of how my uncle always made me feel better.

I’m sorry if this is lame. It’s hard to think of one thing… Well since you asked me, I guess I’m asking you now: What’s your favorite childhood memory?

Love, Me


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