Who am I to judge?

Why would you want to point out others’ faults, knowing you have so many as well? Judging others is hypocritical. But in some way, I think everyone is or has been a hypocrite. But we shouldn’t be mad at each other for that. Hating someone because they’re a hypocrite doesn’t make you the perfect one. In fact, it doesn’t make you perfect at all. We all have problems. And no one wants to be put down, so why do we put down others, whether they know about it or not? God loves everyone. He is merciful and kind. No matter what sins we do He will always take us back. He won’t say bitterly, “You said you’d never do that,” and then turn away… He always wants us back.

I need to have this perspective. I want to be loving and kind, and refrain from judgment. Everyone is different, and everyone sins differently. I see people all the time that make choices I don’t approve of, but who am I to judge? It’s not my life, it’s theirs. It’s their choice. But, like Christ, I should still love everyone, just as He does… Every person on this earth is a beautiful Child of God. Why do I forget that so often? We’re all here for the same reason, and we all struggle. Why not help instead of pushing each other away..?

I’m not even close to perfect and I need to work on this. But please take this into heart and think about it…


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