Choose the Right!

Here’s a question I’ve been thinking about a lot recently: Is there ever a good excuse to do something you shouldn’t?

Well… Is there? I guess that’s what I want to write about. I don’t think there are any good excuses for doing something wrong. Even if it is a little thing. And no one is the exception… When you know what the rules are, you should know what you should and shouldn’t do, right?

Step up and take the blame that you know you messed up. Don’t come up with dumb excuses. I guess I learned that the hard way… I’ve made a lot of mistakes… Specifically one where I didn’t necessarily come up with an excuse for myself, but my actions showed that I thought I was the exception to rules I knew I should have followed. That’s probably why it bugs me so much when I see my friends and other people around me do some of the things that I have personally seen that are not good. We shouldn’t make stupid decisions anyway! We know we won’t benefit from them. It’s selfish really, thinking of only the moment we’re in, and not the future things it might affect, forgetting what’s most important. I don’t want to hear, “it’s cute and we’re not doing anything extreme” when someone tells me about holding hands with another person when they’re not even old enough to date. I don’t want to hear, “that class is so boring, we don’t do any work in there anyway” when someone tells me about how they sluffed 6th period. Think about it. There is never a good excuse to do something you shouldn’t. You may be reading this and think I’m being rude or strict, but I’m just trying to point out that some things us teenage kids do are stupid. Think about what’s better than what you’re doing; think about what’s best. Holding that kid’s hand isn’t going to do anything for you, and it won’t last anyway, so why even do it? And going to class really isn’t that bad, it’s easier than sluffing, plus you don’t have to make up any work if you just go. Even if the class is boring and you don’t do anything, sluffing will ruin your citizenship grade, and you can’t graduate with that, unless you fix it by going to Saturday School. I don’t know about you, but that’s way too much work.

Life will be easier for you if you make good choices, I promise. It will prevent a lot of heartbreak, and a lot of getting into trouble. Just do what is right. You’ve got it in you. Remember, if you don’t want anyone to find out, don’t do it. Simple as that.

And there’s my rant for today. The end.

Happy Birthday


Happy birthday.

You would have been 30 this year. I miss you so much. It’s crazy that I can’t even think about you without crying. But I really miss you. I wish you were here… I hope that somehow you know that. And I hope you know that I will never forget you.

I love you.


Good Things #10

1. I have the greatest friends in the whole wide world.

2. I got all A’s this term.

3. I really like car rides, with the music way up, the windows down, the wind blowing like crazy… It’s one of my favorite things.

4. Friday was filled with endless fun. It felt like summer.

5. On Saturday, our fundraiser for the Sophomore Class Officers was a great success. I got to be with my friends that entire day, and it ended up being way more fun than I thought it’d be.

6. Nerf gun wars in the dark are fantastic but scary at the same time.

7. I love listening to my friends laugh.

8. Costa Vida is the best. And so are Frazils; those things are delicious.

9. I am so grateful for Sundays. Church was really good today. I love my Sunday School teachers, my Young Women leaders, and of course, the youth in my ward.

10. This weekend has gotten me so hyped up for summer. Only one term left of school.

For real though, these weekend has probably been the best in my life. If I could, I would relive it over and over. It beats everything else. I feel so good. And I love it.


I’m supposed to be working on my chemistry project that’s due next Wednesday. I have no idea how to do it. I have no idea how to do my math homework either. And I should probably get that one worksheet done so I can retake that test I did horrible on. I also have a research paper I need to work on in English… And I have to read two books for the class that I should be finished with soon. But have I started? Ha. Not even…Ugh. School, life, and everything else is totally stressing me out… I want to get away. Not just get away, I want to run away. I want to be as far away as I can from all of this. Maybe I could fly to a country far away and never come back. Nah, that’s too unrealistic. Maybe I could go back to Florida… I’d be so happy living with my cousins and the beautiful palm trees. I’d be okay with that… Not that I can leave, there’s too much to do. I’m so overwhelmed lately… And not just with school…

I wish I could slow down time and take all the time I want to do all of my stupid homework. I wish I understood precalculus. I wish I was smarter so I didn’t have to worry about school so much. I wish it was summer. I wish I could stay up as long as I wanted and sleep in the next morning. I wish I had time to take naps. I wish I had an unlimited amount of chocolate to last me the rest of my life. I wish I could let go of things that don’t really matter. I wish I could talk to that one kid, and maybe be as pretty as the girl he likes. I wish I could be the kind of person who’s always happy no matter what. I wish I was better at showing the people I care about that I love them. I wish I was a better sister and daughter. I wish I could go to Florida. I wish I had chalkboard walls in my room. I wish writing on my blog didn’t mean I was losing time to work on my loads of homework.

Ugh. Bye.

Good Things #9

1. It’s February already. Time really goes by so fast.

2. My Skinny Love video has hit 1,000 views!!

3. Basically my friends are better than everyone else’s.

4. I’m in love with Ron & Hermione from Harry Potter. They’re just so cute together.

5. Movie nights with my friends are actually really fun.

6. Naps are probably the most amazing thing ever.

7. Recently my dreams at night have been really vivid and I remember them. It’s cool.

8. Today I made cake batter fudge. It was decent. Not at good as chocolate though.

9. I’m so happy that I am a member of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints. I would be so lost without it… I know people say that all the time, but I really mean it.

10. I love yoga pants.