Good Things #10

1. I have the greatest friends in the whole wide world.

2. I got all A’s this term.

3. I really like car rides, with the music way up, the windows down, the wind blowing like crazy… It’s one of my favorite things.

4. Friday was filled with endless fun. It felt like summer.

5. On Saturday, our fundraiser for the Sophomore Class Officers was a great success. I got to be with my friends that entire day, and it ended up being way more fun than I thought it’d be.

6. Nerf gun wars in the dark are fantastic but scary at the same time.

7. I love listening to my friends laugh.

8. Costa Vida is the best. And so are Frazils; those things are delicious.

9. I am so grateful for Sundays. Church was really good today. I love my Sunday School teachers, my Young Women leaders, and of course, the youth in my ward.

10. This weekend has gotten me so hyped up for summer. Only one term left of school.

For real though, these weekend has probably been the best in my life. If I could, I would relive it over and over. It beats everything else. I feel so good. And I love it.


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