Good Things #11

1. It’s Friday. Seriously, all I live for is the weekend.

2. The assembly at school today was actually really, really fun.

3. In exactly two months, I’ll be able to get my driver’s license.

4. A couple of my friends and I made Harry Potter sweatshirts today. I discovered that I like to paint.

5. Board games and card games are fun to play, you just have to have the right attitude.

6. I love my fellow class officers in Student Government. We’re all so different, but in a way I feel like we’re all really close. It’s cool.

7. Smiles are beautiful.

8. Girl Scout cookies are delicious.

9. I really like being at my best friend’s house. I love her family, and all of her food. haha. We always have good times there.

10. I am very thankful for my bed. I can’t wait to go to sleep.



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