Hugs. I love hugs. I’m not talking about those quick hello/goodbye hugs, I’m talking about real hugs—the hugs that mean something. I don’t know why I felt like I should write about this, but I’ve thought about it this past week. It’s just one simple sentence: I am thankful for hugs.

It’s those hugs that I get from my grandpa; every time he hugs me, he whispers that he loves me. The hug I got from my uncle’s mom at his funeral. That long hug I gave one of my friends, when I felt her shake with sobs, when I told her through our tears how strong she was and how much I loved her. It’s all of the hugs given around the campfire at Girls Camp during testimony meeting. Those unexpected hugs that come out of nowhere from one of my good friends. The long hug I gave my best friend as she cried over the boy that broke her heart. Those exciting, happy hugs I gave my friends after not seeing them for a long time. The hug I got last year on my birthday from one of my favorite seniors. The hug from my sister that summer night when I came home crying, hurt and confused. The hugs I wished would never end, cause I cared about that person that much. Those hugs that gave me butterflies when I was about to let go, but he pulled me back in and hugged me tighter. It’s the hugs on the sidewalk, when he spun me around. That hug in the snow; snowflakes stuck to our hair and clothes as we held each other. Those hugs that linger on maybe a little longer than they should. That hug from my brother after I performed a song that I was really nervous about. Those hugs I get from my parents when they say they’re proud of me. The multiple hugs I gave my two friends as we said goodbye and wiped the tears from each other’s eyes. It’s the hugs from my church leaders when I feel like they understand what I’m going through. That sad hug that almost made me cry when I realized it would be the last time, when I wished I could have stopped time. And the hug from a little girl I’ve never spoken to; she saw me crying and wrapped her little arms around my leg and then held my hand and smiled up at me.

It’s those hugs that I remember, and it’s those hugs in those moments that matter. I’m thankful for those moments, and for those people…

I love hugs.


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