To: Kat

Dear Kat,

Five years ago, my grandpa passed away. Like your grandpa, he had cancer too. My grandpa has and always will be an amazing example to me. I love him so much. Five years ago really does seem like a long time, I was only eleven… But I still remember him.


My siblings and I used to wake up really early in the morning to go on walks with him around the neighborhood. I remember how patient he was. I remember how he always carried a comb around in his pocket. I often watched him work on our basement, and I wanted to build too, so I made a bird house, and then Grandpa and I painted it together. I remember when my grandparents moved, I missed their old house and I sat in his lap and cried…

At EFY two years ago, we discussed what it meant to have charity. My grandpa had such a beautiful heart full of love. He put others before himself, and he quietly served others. After he died, my grandma was going through his things, and she found a newspaper article that he had cut out saved, written by a father who was very grateful for a Mr. Harrop who had saved his child’s life. My grandma never even knew about that. My grandpa never boasted about the good things he did. He did those good things because he wanted to do what was right, and he wanted to serve others. My grandpa had a pure love for others, and I really believe that he had charity, or at least some aspects of it.

The first thing that comes to my mind when I think of my grandpa is this: Once I was in the kitchen drawing, and he was silently watching me as I worked. A few minutes had passed, and my grandpa said to me, “Abbey, what aren’t you good at?” Thinking of that moment during hard times today gives me confidence. I know that my grandpa loves me, and he thinks I’m good at everything I do, even though I may not think so. This story makes me think of my Heavenly Father too. God loves me, and He knows I have great potential and can succeed in all I do, if I try. I may not have confidence, but He has confidence in me. It makes me smile as I imagine both my Heavenly Father and my grandpa watching me, rooting for me to do my best and find happiness…

Kat, I know that one day I will be able to see my grandpa again. And you will see your grandpa again too. Hey, maybe they’re friends up in heaven right now! You never know. What makes me feel at peace is knowing that they are both doing a great work; they are missionaries teaching the gospel. I look forward to the day when we can see them again.

I love you!

Love, Me


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