Does everything happen for a reason? Or do some things happen just to make my life harder?

I need a break… I wish time would stop. Or at least slow down. Too many dumb things keep coming up and I don’t like it. The worst thing about all this, is everything that’s happening are things that I can’t do anything about. Nothing I could do would change anything… I’m helpless. And I hate it.

Why can’t things go the way I want them to?? For once..? Please?

Good Things #13


2. I have the greatest friends in the whole universe.

3. This last weekend was a good one. A few ups and downs, but it was mostly happy.

4. I love mud volleyball.

5. I love that when I’m with my friends I don’t have to be anyone but myself.

6. Hey There Delilah by Plain White T’s is a good song…

7. I enjoy telling stories. haha.

8. Naps are wonderful. And so is pie.

9. I get to go to the temple today!!

10. I am so blessed to know that families can be together forever. Sometimes things are scary… But prayer works. And my parents and my siblings are there for me. I’m so glad I have them to get through all of what’s going on right now. I love my family.


Sometimes things don’t go the way they were planned… Or the way you want them to. Sometimes it’s for the good. Sometimes you don’t know what the outcome will be… And that can be scary. All I can do right now is pray and hope and pray some more and have faith that things will work out.