Why do I care so much? Why do I think that same phrase over and over again? Why do I get butterflies so often? Why do I get jealous so easily? Why do I worry about how I look? Why do I worry about everything?? Will my sister ever come back? Will I be strong enough to be on my own in a few years? Why do things have to change? Why is my best friend in Idaho? Why am I here? What is my purpose? Who am I supposed to help? Why is it that when I get attached to someone, most times they go away? Will we always be friends? Could it be more than just friendship? Who is your best friend? Who’s your favorite person to talk to? Do you guys even want me? Are you better off with me not there? What is a true friend? Am I a good friend? What would it be like to be the person who gets all the attention? How would it feel to be loved and wanted by everybody? What if I was one of those girls who could look cute every day? Why do certain peoples’ opinions mean so much to me? Why do I listen? Why do I do everything that’s asked of me? Who gives the best hugs? Who has the best laugh? Am I annoying? Do I talk too much during movies? Am I different from the others? Is it obvious when I’m upset? Is it obvious that I like being with you? What do people think of me? Do I give a good first impression? Do I have bad manners? Do I eat too fast? Why do I get stomach aches all the time? What am I going to learn at school this year? Who will still be my friend at the end of the year? What if I go to prom? Would I look pretty? Would I have a cute dress? Am I outgoing enough? Am I awkward? Am I intimidating? Do I make people feel good about themselves? How can I make her happy when she’s miles and miles away? Could he really like her? Why do I like hugs as much as I do? Am I being cliche? Do I ever have a chance? Why does texting have to exist some days? What is flirting? What makes me, me? Is this school year gonna be super stressful? Are there answers to all these random questions? What makes a boy and a girl a couple? How come I can’t write a cute song? Do I have a good voice, or is it just.. average? Who ever thought of going down the stairs on your knees? Am I careful enough? What if I said or did something dumb and you stopped talking to me? What if I’m not good enough, or pretty enough, or funny enough, or cool enough? How can I be happy and make others happy too? Will I ever get to sing a cute song with a boy? How many rumors and lies were said about me last year? What do people think of me? Do you care, or are you messing with me? Are you serious or joking? What makes a good person good? Could I ever be like the kids on seminary council? Is this feeling a real feeling? What if I became famous? What am I going to do in college? What am I interested in besides music? Will my life end up being successful? How can anyone ever pull an all-nighter? Does the way parents treat each other affect the way their kids act around the opposite gender? Why do people lie? Why do people do dumb things when they know they’re wrong? Will there ever be a time in my life where things will stay constant? Am I considered a skinny person? Why are jeans so uncomfortable? Why can’t I wear basketball shorts and t-shirts every day? Do I have a good personality? Do people like being around me? How can I be better at serving others? Why do I want to know you so badly? Can fairytales happen in real life? Is it just me, or does everyone have thoughts like this? Why am I so emotional? Why do I get so angry? Why can’t things go the way I want them to? What is the right thing to do about all this? Do I know the truth, or do I just believe it? Could I ever be the light that so many people are to me? Why do I always want to please you? Why do I think that same phrase over and over again? Why do I care so much?

Good Things #14

1. This summer has been soooo fantastic.

2. I have the greatest friends in the world.

3. My siblings are really cute and fun to talk to.

4. I love seeing other people happy. It makes me happy too.

5. Driving is one of my favorite things to do.

6. Still Into You by Paramore is a really good song.

7. I love to say swag.

8. Making new friends is fun.

9. I’m almost done with my summer homework.

10. Choosing to be happy is a wonderful thing.