So I’ve been reading…

In books, why is it that the boy’s eyes are always so intense? Why can’t the girl ever realize that he really does like her? How come his expressions are so easy to read, but at the same time, so confusing? If he confesses how he feels, why can’t she just accept it the first time? If she means what she says, why does he doubt her? Why does he get so jealous? How come they have such perfect moments? Why is the boy almost always confident and good-looking? Why is the girl so insecure? Even if it is true, and she isn’t as beautiful as the other girls, why does he like her? What makes her better? Why does he look at her with so much affection? Does she really have to blush that much? Why does it have to happen all so fast? Does he care for her as much as she cares for him? How do they know that it’s worth it?

… But isn’t it great how every book has a happy ending?


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