Never take what you have for granted.

Today I attended the funeral of an old elementary school friend. She was sixteen years old. She died in a car crash, on her way to eat lunch with her best friend…

I can’t even come to understand how her family feels. I know that she was taken because God needs her for a bigger cause in heaven, but it still hurts. She was only sixteen… That’s a short life. And she wasn’t even expecting it. One moment she’s in the car driving and everything is completely normal, and the next moment, it all happened too fast to even comprehend what was really going on, and then… It’s over. Just like that. Could there have been a way to prevent that? It’s just so sad… But Heavenly Father has a Plan for her, and I know she will receive her body again someday, and death won’t ever be a problem anymore.

All of this got me thinking about my own close friends and family. What if something like this happened to one of us? I realized today that I should never take the people in my life for granted. I should always let them know that I care about them. It scared me so bad as I was thinking of what it’d be like if something were to happen to any of my friends or family… I hope nothing ever does. I love all of my friends so much, and I don’t think they realize the impact they have on me. And my family… they are the best. I love them too. Starting today, I want to be more open about letting the people around me know that I love them. I can’t take them for granted. I truly am so blessed to have the friends and family that I do. And I’m grateful that I have the knowledge of the Plan of Salvation. Jaelin’s family will see her again. Because of our Savior, we have that hope. I am so so so glad that I know that…


Sometimes I like to pretend that I’m a photographer…


This is my family. I LOVE THEM! It takes a lot of patience to take pictures of these people, but I think after looking at how they turned out, it was worth it. I’m not too sure our outfits go together… I tried, but whatevs. The self-timer and a stool can do wonders when it comes to taking pictures, just saying. (If you didn’t know this already, I’m the blond one.)


This is my sister Kelsie. She’s a Senior in high school this year. I don’t know if she loves working, but she sure does it a lot. She has two jobs! I got a job at one of the stores she works in. It’s really fun to work with her, mainly just spend time with her. Once I realized that sisters are for telling secrets to, it became a lot more interesting to talk to her. ;) I love her lots! And she’s beautiful.


My stud of a brother, Connor. Eighth grader. He doesn’t think he’s all that great, but I do. He can sing, he can act, he can write, he can draw, he can be funny, he can be a good listener… he can be lots of things! Most important of all is that he can be (and IS) the best brother ever. We have our bad moments, but we also have our good. I had to beg him to take this picture, I’m glad it turned out this good. Obviously it wasn’t because of my skill… it was all him! He’s cute. :)


The cutest girl in the entire world is my sister Jill. Unlike Connor, she loves getting her picture taken! And the camera loves her! She’s so stinkin’ adorable. She’ll be eleven soon, and gets prettier every day. Seriously. I don’t even know what else to say… Just look at the picture and you can figure it out. :)


And here we all are again. FAMILY. There’s only one piece of the puzzle missing… Honestly I don’t know how to act, how to react, how to handle this… But under all of this anger and frustration and confusion, I do want our family to be whole again. I want it so badly. Someday…

Good Things #16

1. I love my friends I love my friends I love my friends.

2. I PR’d at XC Region this week… 25:35.

3. Sometimes texting is a good thing.

4. I’m going to Chick Pick!! (He said yes!) I’m soooo excited!

5. I love discovering new music.

6. Getting lost in Salt Lake is fun, as long as you’re with friends and there’s a Deseret Book close by. ;)

7. Knowing that people really care… that means a lot.

8. Laughing is the best.

9. I like how I feel on days when I feel like my hair is cute.

10. YAY for long weekends!


I love music. Start playing my favorite songs and I can forget about stupid stomachaches and heartaches and headaches and running aches. I think way too much, about pointless things. These feelings won’t last forever, so why dwell on them?

Tonight would be a great night to go on a drive to an unknown destination, blasting my music the whole way and forgetting about the world and all of my responsibilities. Of course I’d have to come back to reality eventually, but I think a couple hours away would do me some good. A break from worrying and over-thinking; just me and the radio, the music so loud I can hardly hear my own voice singing along. Yeah, that sounds nice.