I love snow. A lot. It’s the best when it’s dark outside and the snow falls, and besides an occasional car passing by, it’s silent. It’s the best when the street lights brighten up the night and the flakes of snow are that much more visible. I like what snow brings. I like the Christmas lights. I like wearing sweaters and coats and hats. I like how my glasses get fogged up when I’m drinking hot chocolate. I like reading by the fireplace in the rocking chair. I like visiting family. I like staying up late watching movies. I like sitting downstairs with every light off except for the ones on the Christmas tree. I like my warm bed and blankets and pillows. I like long socks. I like boots. I like Christmas music. I like watching my breath when I’m standing outside. I like the white sky. I like getting presents for all of the people I care about. I like finding ways to serve others. I like the smell of Christmas. I like the peace winter brings, even when the holiday season is sometimes hectic. I like how throughout all of December, I am reminded of the reason we have Christmas; I am reminded of my Savior. I especially like winter this year because I like how happy I am. I like life. A lot.


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