Little Moments

My little cousin was hiding in the corner cause her mom said it was bedtime. I didn’t think that I could help much, but I went to talk to her to try to convince her to go to bed. I sat in the corner with her and asked her if she was gonna sleep tonight. The idea that she was going to sleep in her grandma’s big bed got her excited. I helped her brush her teeth and then we quietly walked upstairs to Grandma’s room. We had to be reeeaallly quiet cause her little sister was already asleep in there in her crib. We took the pillows off the bed and pulled the covers down. I laid her down and she asked me to sing “Rudolf” with her… we whispered the song together. I was about to leave and looked down to say goodnight. Her lips were puckered up so I leaned down and she kissed my cheek…

Those are moments that matter… Things like that make life all the better.


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