It’s a new year… Yay! I decided this year that I don’t like new year’s resolutions… cause I never do them… and then I end up finding the goals I had for the year before and just realize how bad I am at keeping goals and such. But! Whether I like it or not, there are some things I need to be doing right now… and it just happens to be the beginning of the year so it may look like I’m making new year’s resolutions, but I’m not. ;) A friend of mine said that the beginning of the year shouldn’t be when you decide to change or make new goals to have a better life… you can do that any time, any day. Because of Christ, we can start fresh every single morning if we need to, it doesn’t have to be only on the first of January every year.

So here I am, trying to start fresh on January 5th. It’s gonna take some work… but my YW leader said sometimes it helps to publicize your goals, then you feel like people are watching you to see if you actually do it…

First: I am going to read the Book of Mormon again this year. Cover to cover. I’ve done it before… I want to do it again though. I need the scriptures in my life more than ever, and what better scriptures to read than the Book of Mormon? I want to read every day. Starting today.

Second: I need to be more organized with the money I’m earning from work. I need to continue putting half of what I earn in savings. I need to continue paying my tithing. I need to pay my mom back for all the things she paid for this school year before I had a job… haha. I need to rely more on myself financially. I need to buy a checkbook. And I need to save up for important things that are to come!!

Third: I want to find good. Life gets overwhelming… And the last couple months I’ve learned that if I just take the time to notice the good things I will be a lot happier. I want to find something good in every single day and put it in my jar. I want to write more meaningful things in my journal that could possibly later benefit me. My ultimate goal is to be able to see God’s hand in my life. I want my focus to be on Him. I think starting by looking for good things will help me get part of the way there.

I think three is good enough for now. I always have a list in my head of everything I must do to become the best possible Abbey Morrison there can be… And if you’re anything like me, that list gets longer and longer, day after day, as I am aware of my weaknesses and all of my mistakes. I’m impatient and I want to be better now, but I know it’s gonna take some time. Step by step, I can become closer to my Heavenly Father. There are some things in life we just have to do whether we like to or not, like work… but there is a reward in working hard and earning money (and in paying tithing!). There are lessons learned in everything we do, and if we let Him, God will be there all of the way with us. I want that. And I hope that by reading the Book of Mormon and searching for good I can find that light and maybe even be a light to others. Step by step… I hope I can get there and come out of it with more love and more knowledge of what really matters…


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