Midnight driving.

It was well past 11:30… It was a fun day, but a long day. I’d just dropped off my friends so it was just me alone in the car. I decided to take a little detour to get home. Not anywhere specific… Just anywhere. I needed some alone time. I needed to think.

I turned up the radio and sang along as I drove through the dark night. Other cars were scarce, even in town, and I really felt like it was just me and the road. I was alone, but that was okay. My favorite songs were playing and my thoughts were running wild. They kept going back to the same things… But as I drove on I came to many conclusions as to help the pathetic situation I find myself in and thinking about. See, the things I think about don’t even matter…

Anyway. I sang along until I couldn’t anymore. I drove for quite a while. Driving is amazing. Especially when you’re alone. I like the feeling of independence I get and being able to drive wherever I want and sing as loud as I want. Being alone… It’s great every now and then.

“Send out the alarms I’m all alone… wrap me in your arms and take me home… take me home, to your arms.” (Take Me Home by Us)

I never know what to write on my blog… Moral of this story? I like driving and I think too much. But, you already knew that.


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