Good Things #19

1. Last weekend was the best weekend of this year so far.

2. I like cooking and singing Frank Sinatra with my dad.

3. Doing scoreboard for church ball is so fun and entertaining.

4. My freshmen friends are so fantastic.

5. I’m really thankful that I can sing.

6. I love driving at night with Taylor Swift blasting so loud we have to yell to be heard.

7. My Spiderman hoodie makes me feel happy… I like Spiderman…

8. Being able to trust is such a wonderful thing.

9. I’ve fallen in love with reading again. It helps me so much.

10. Laughing really is medicine for the soul.

Be Still My Soul

Be Still My Soul, the hour is hastening on

When we shall be forever with the Lord

When disappointment, grief, and fear are gone

Sorrow forgot, love’s purest joy restored

Be Still My Soul, when change and tears are past

All safe and blessed, we shall meet at last.

Six years now… Happy birthday.

I love you.

Make Them Proud

A lonely but completely selfless man who just didn’t want to be a burden to anyone.

A sixteen year old girl who was driving down the road to meet her best friend for lunch.

A mother of four beautiful daughters who got out of surgery and was only gonna rest for the night.

A woman who had a heart attack on the way home from the hospital.

Another mother of a young family who’d been fighting cancer for a long time.

An eighteen year old boy who was out ice-fishing with his dad and would be back before school on Monday.

All in the past six months… Why so many? Why are they needed up in heaven right now? I’ve written about this before, and thought about it even more. I know that God has a plan for all of us! It’s hard, it’s so hard. I know. I lost my best friend and my hero. For the longest time I didn’t understand why he left, and why he didn’t think of me and change his mind. Death is just a part of our mortal life… there is more to come. We will all see our loved ones again, and what a day that will be! I really look forward to that… But I’ve learned to not live in the past, or the future for that matter, but to live in the present. Make them proud. Be the best you can be, for them, for yourself, for God. You will be blessed for it. Life is difficult, but if we can laugh along the way, celebrate how they lived, how we live, we can find happiness. We mustn’t be afraid of living. Cherish every moment you have, and never ever give up a chance to tell someone that you love them…

Things I Love

Saturday mornings with my best friend watching church ball. Going shopping with my favorite people. Soft hair. Trying on Prom dresses and feeling pretty. Being able to vent to and trust my friends. When people I care about agree with what I like. Eating hamburgers. The Deathly Hallows necklace I made. Sitting by my dad in church meetings. My bff’s family cause they are so awesome and I always feel welcome and comfortable at their house. Getting an unexpected text. Oreos and milk. The dreams I have at night–not that they’ll ever happen for real, but it’s fun to dream. My bed. Distance by Christina Perri. Testimonies of other youth. Singing in the Stake Choir and getting the chills… Was that the Spirit? Driving by myself. The fact that my mom knows me so well. Talking to friends that have moved away. Reminiscing about last summer. My scriptures. Editing photos. Being a spaz with my family. Long showers. My Young Women leaders. Firesides firesides firesides. The words I heard tonight. Knowing that even when I feel not-so-great, there are always people around me that love me and that care. Being strong. Dinner time. My seminary journal. The pictures on my wall. Hoodies and socks. Kids that never seem to be unhappy–they are the greatest.

But what I love the most… is what I heard tonight at the fireside. I’ve had a lot on my mind, and this weekend I decided to make a list of the things that I loved. Hence, that list I just made. Ha. But anyway. Tonight:

“We have no room to judge, no room to hold grudges, no room to hate. We are in debt. We owe everything to Heavenly Father and Jesus Christ. We have no room to NOT love one another! We have no room to justify wickedness, too much has been paid for that…”

That just hit me like… whoa. And out of everyone in the entire chapel… those words were for me. Everything in my life has recently just been building up and building up and some things have even been falling apart. But the talks I heard tonight were exactly what I needed. I know what I have to do… Forget myself, and just love people! One of the speakers said that charity is seeing people the way God sees them, and acting the way God would towards those people. I need charity, I need Christ in my life. I get these constant reminders that I need to be better because I am so far from perfect, but tonight was like a huge reminder. Huge.

Maybe it’s cause I’ve been reading Harry Potter a lot recently, but the word LOVE has been sticking out to me. It’s love that saved Harry Potter’s life. It’s love that overcomes evil. It’s love that we all need, to get through life! It’s love that heals. It’s love that strengthens. It’s love that lasts. So why do we hold grudges and dislike others? It’s not what Christ would do, and it’s not what would bring us closer to Him either. The whole point in our existence is to get back to God. And we must be like Him. How can we do that without loving everyone?

Love everyone. Forget yourself… and love. Sounds a bit cheesy, but still. Forgive others as Christ did, love others as Christ did, and you will be all the better for it.

Things I Love? The gospel. My Savior. Firesides. Missionaries. Feeling the Spirit. Happy tears. Hugs. Handshakes. My family. My parents. Forgiveness. LOVE.