PROM 2014

So… Prom!!

Well first off we went to Josh’s house for breakfast. I helped make crepes! I tried to make shapes out of them, but they didn’t turn out very well… ;) One of the best parts of Josh’s house is that we always listen to Disney music! And I just love that! Making breakfast and jamming to songs everyone can sing along to is super fun. :)

After breakfast we went four wheeling! For the first time in my life–I’d never been before that! We drove up up up to a spot where there was a cave type thing… And of course we took pictures. Good thing Elysa brought her camera. :)

fourwheelingThis is before we left…

armsaroundAnd this was when we got to the top!

So then there was a cave thing that we went into. That was intense. We walked for a while till there was kind of an open spot where we all fit. Kaden brought glow sticks and we cut them open and shook them all over the cave! It was glowing everywhere and our clothes and our hair were glowing too. It was the coolest thing ever! We couldn’t get pictures of it, cause every time the flash took the glow away. So no one will know how cool it is until they try. DO IT. Someday you gotta do it. Cause it’s sooooo cool.

brightercaveGroup pic… one of my faves.

tiffanyabbeyHere’s one of me and Tiffany cause we kinda look awesome. Yay for flash photography! ;)

At one point, a few of us went our own way and Josh got glow stick junk in his eye and we all just got split up! I felt pretty brave in there… The dark doesn’t scare me so much when I’m with other people! We found two dead-ends and started to go back and then Randy and Josh (who had come back) climbed up to a higher spot and then Tiffany and Kimbri and I helped them down and we got sand all over us! It was an adventure and the glow stick stuff was helping us see somewhat and yeah… it was fun!

When we got out of the cave, we took more pictures…

group… this one is just swag. I think it kinda shows our personalities… At least for some of us!

camabbs… this is my date. Cameron!!

blackandwhite… and here’s another group pic. It looks cool.

So we drove back down… and Cameron and I switched cause he wanted me to try driving. In my mind it was NOT a good idea cause I’ve never done it before! Buuut we survived. We might have almost died a couple times… And I might have given Cameron a headache from jerking the four wheeler so much… but we made it. :) In the process Josh and Kimbri kept hitting us with snowballs! haha Four wheeling is actually really fun! Besides the fact that I stink at it. ;) But I really really liked that part of the date!

Cameron dropped me off at like 2:15-ish to get ready. My super amazing and fantastic friends Sadie and Annie came over and helped me! Sadie did my hair and Annie did my make-up. And guess what. Annie bought sparkle eye shadow just for me. Isn’t that the best thing ever?? I love her a lot. :) I felt like we were making time pretty well! I was really happy with how my hair and my face turned out… haha That sounds funny. ;) But if you two are reading this–Annie and Sadie–THANK YOU SO MUCH!

gettingreadyKelsey was there for support. ;)

When Cameron got to my house I had just barely gotten my dress on! Kelsey and Sadie and Annie were still there, and they talked to Cameron for a sec… kinda… while I was getting my shoes on! Then they left and after some pictures taking via Momma, Cameron and I left too to meet everybody at Randy’s house!

We were the first ones there I think… Then Josh and Kimbri and Kaden and Elysa came. And holy cow they were gorgeous!! I couldn’t get over it… Hope that doesn’t sound awkward. But my friends are so so beautiful!

matchingshoesKimbri and Elysa and I had matching shoes. :)

Then Harrison and Megan came and Randy and Tiff finally came and those girls were super stunning as well! We were definitely the best looking group!! The girls were so pretty and the boys looked really great too! Once we were all there, we got in the huge van that the boys rented. The girls sat in the front and the boys sat in the back. That car ride was so fun because all of us girls just talked about our dresses and our hair and all that… We were being such girls, but prom is definitely the time to be super girly!

We had dinner at Tucanos. :) When we were waiting for our seats a little girl said, “That girl looks like Rapunzel.” She was talking about me!! And it made my day! The purple dress and the braid with flowers in my hair definitely made me feel like Rapunzel. I loved it so much! :) There were a couple other groups at Tucanos too! And the girly girl came out of all of us–our voices were all super high-pitched as we complimented and hugged the other girls we knew! I found it quite entertaining… Anyway, the food was great! Us girls took up the challenge that we’d say yes to all the food the waiters brought us. Elysa and I won! :) And we were all soo full. It was yummy yummy!

Then we went to the Capitol! We got there a little early, but the parents were fine with that–more time for pictures! Lots of smiles, lots of poses. But like I said, we were the best looking group, so I’d say our pictures turned out pretty great. :)

groupdressThe whole group! Pretend we’re all looking…

prombffelysaMe and my best friend. :) :) :) Love her.

sillyusHere’s us trying to look cool. ;) I like this one.

cameronandabbeyCameron and me! :)

girlsAll of the girls! See?? They were all beautiful!!

cutesteverI LOVE THIS ONE. So much. Not everyone is in it, but the colors just look so beautiful! And we look great. ;)
Elysa and Tiffany are some of my favorite girls! And of course the boys are my favorites too!

After pictures was promenade. We waited forever for our names to be called and we walked down the stairs and didn’t even fall! I was happy about that. Promenade was great! Cameron and I did a fantastic job! We kind of got squished by some other couples during a part of the dance, but we recovered and kept going. I felt really cool when I spun cause my dress got big! haha I loved it, promenade was so so fun!!

Prom Royalty was announced shortly after that. Bryan and Marnie were Prom King and Queen, and Zayne was Duke and the Duchess was… [insert drumroll]… ELYSA!! My beautiful best friend! It was so exciting! And I was super super happy for her. :) :)

cutebestfriendsBailee and me with the Duchess. :) Bay wasn’t in our group, but she’s our best friend. :)
Elysa and Bay looked so beautiful!

Well… More and more pictures and holy cow my face hurt from smiling so much! And then once the parents left the party really started! We were going crazy! It was definitely one of the best parts. It was soooo hot, but I had a blast dancing with Cameron and the kids in our group, and other friends! It was great. :)

We were some of the last people there, we stayed all the way to the end! Josh’s parents were our ride home in the van again. We went to Randy’s house. Heidi gave us brownies and ice cream and we went downstairs and laid on the floor and the couch and finished the movie that Ri and Tryston were watching. Oh man we were all soooo tired! It was almost one when Cameron dropped me off. I’m so grateful for that kid!

I immediately changed into my pjs when I was home. And then I went to Elysa’s house… I was there for kind of a long time! We looked at pictures and talked. Any time spent with her is my favorite! I love Elysa. :) :) :)


I got home sometime after 2:30… I kept going over the day in my head. I didn’t go to bed for a while… It was such a fun day!! And this is a long long blog post…

selfieI took a selfie when I got home. ;)

Annnnd this is long so I think I’m done now. :) I loved Prom!!


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