Good Things #21

Don’t dwell on the past and what you can’t have. But be grateful for what you do have. You’ll get a lot farther in life by looking on the brighter side of things…

1. I’m so grateful for my parents.

2. I love driving early in the morning and late at night.

3. Being able to pray and tell Heavenly Father everything is a wonderful thing.

4. Photoshoots with Elysa are fun.

5. Captain America is attractive…

6. My classes went by really fast today. And tomorrow is a short day and so is Wednesday annnd there’s no school on Friday. Or Monday. Whoo.

7. I still think Spiderman and Gwen are perfect for each other… (17 days till Spiderman 2 comes out)

8. Cheesecake is really really delicious.

9. Sadie will forever be one of my best friends.

10. My Savior knows exactly how I feel. That’s comforting to me… because no one else understands. But I know that He does. No matter how silly or dumb I am, He knows my heart and because of the Atonement, He can put His hand on my shoulder and say “I’ve been there too,” and really mean it. I’m so grateful for Him.


12. My sister is gonna get married.

13. I’m probably the most nostalgic person ever… but I love looking at old pictures. Especially the ones from Idaho.

14. I like Kimbri. A lot. I’m super glad we’re friends!

15. I like having a laptop cause that means I can do homework in my room and look at my cute wall..

16. Yay for unexpected texts!

17. I have a lot of ideas for new songs.

18. I went to bed at 9:30 last night… it was seriously the best decision I’ve made this whole year…

19. Elysa and I think alike and we have big dreams for summer. Yay. :)

20. Reading reading reading. It’s so much better than real life.


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