Summer can’t come faster… Like I honestly can’t wait for this break. I need it more than ever.

But on the bright side I love how my dad can put me in a happy mood really fast, I love that I watched The Amazing Spiderman tonight, I love that my best friend and I base a big part of our relationship off of who’s turn it is to buy dinner, I love my other friends that make life sooo worth it and really make me feel like they care, I love walks in the hot sun with super duper “heavy” backpacks, I love silly conversations that should be insignificant but really they aren’t, I love missionaries, I love writing letters, I love watermelon, I love the band Sleeping At Last, and I love my bed.

There. All I had to do was take a break from not-so-good thoughts, and I feel a lot better. There is always always good in the world, no matter how much I want to disappear or get out at the moment. I know this moment will pass… I just need a break.

On my mind

“A thousand miles seems pretty far
But they’ve got planes and trains and cars
I’d walk to you if I had no other way
Delilah I can promise you
That by the time we get through
The world will never, ever be the same
And you’re to blame…”

Good Things #22

1. Basically I had a four day weekend cause I didn’t go to any classes on Friday or today.

2. I really like how it feels when you see a friend after not seeing them for a few days.

3. Austin Slade’s mission farewell was really cool. I loved the talks and everything else about the meeting!

4. Doing things out of the norm is pretty exciting I guess, even when it’s a trip to the hospital.

5. I am soooo grateful for modern medicine and nice doctors.

6. I can’t help but smile when I see my brother smile… he’s so cute.

7. Spiderman and Gwen are PERFECT. Forever and ever… *sniff*

8. There are over 50 pictures of Elysa and me in my room–we counted today. Guess we’re best friends. :)

9. I really really like naps.

10. I’m starting over the Harry Potter series.

11. Elysa is the best because she bought me a smoothie today. And also Randy and Kara are pretty awesome cause they visited me too!

12. I didn’t even go crazy on the anesthesia, which is a way good thing, cause I was afraid of that.

13. Chocolate is yummy.

14. Aaron left me a voicemail today… even though he hates phonecalls… I’ll take that as his way of showing he cares. He’s the best.

15. Speaking of Aaron, we have the best conversations ever.

16. My house smells like peach oatmeal..?

17. Okay… I really really really really like hugs…

18. This might sound weird, but I’ve just been thinking about this… I’m okay that I’m not the prettiest person ever or the girl with the cutest clothes or prettiest hair. I’m just me and I’m beginning to like that.

19. High school is soooo insane. But you can’t deny it’s a fun ride, despite all the crazy ups and downs.

20. Thirteen school days till summer. I soo need this break.. And I can’t wait!!!

K bye.

Hey Monday

“And I can’t think of anybody else who I hate to miss as much as I hate missing you…”

Oh the joys of being a teenage girl! Life is funny sometimes..

The end.