Summer can’t come faster… Like I honestly can’t wait for this break. I need it more than ever.

But on the bright side I love how my dad can put me in a happy mood really fast, I love that I watched The Amazing Spiderman tonight, I love that my best friend and I base a big part of our relationship off of who’s turn it is to buy dinner, I love my other friends that make life sooo worth it and really make me feel like they care, I love walks in the hot sun with super duper “heavy” backpacks, I love silly conversations that should be insignificant but really they aren’t, I love missionaries, I love writing letters, I love watermelon, I love the band Sleeping At Last, and I love my bed.

There. All I had to do was take a break from not-so-good thoughts, and I feel a lot better. There is always always good in the world, no matter how much I want to disappear or get out at the moment. I know this moment will pass… I just need a break.


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