Singing and Friends

Soooo currently I’m sitting on my porch… It’s a Sunday evening and it is pretty breathtaking outside. Besides some teenagers across the street throwing a football around and talking suuuuper loud, I’m quite enjoying myself… haha I really like summer evenings. They’re just perfect…

I especially like sitting on this little white rocking chair we have out here… Like I’ve said before, I tend to rock back and forth without realizing it… well rocking chairs just help me look sane. ;) I enjoy them.

Hmm… let’s talk about… singing. A few days ago I promised a friend of mine that I’d write them a song. And this morning I got out the guitar and started strumming the three chords I know how to play decently… it only took a few minutes to get a tune down and about an hour later… Boom. A song! Fastest I’ve ever written a song. Not gonna lie, I’m pretty proud of myself. It’s possibly cute and funny… we’ll see. I like it. I like singing. A lot. And playing guitar is fun even though I’m not good at it in any way… piano is fun too sometimes, when I’m not forced. I just like music…

Okay let’s talk about…  friends. I have a friend that I’ve spent two weeks straight with, without any separation at all basically. And we’re still best friends. I like her. I have a friend that told me some secrets a couple weeks ago and it was sooo cute… I have a friend that took me on a date last night and we sat in his row-boat with another couple for about three hours… just talking. Yeah I liked that. I have a friend that takes crazy silly pictures with me and will have funny but also serious conversations with me. I like her. I have a friend that just called me tonight and talked with me for a few minutes about life… I like phone calls. I have a friend that told me what he wants in his future wife… which is actually really cool to hear. I have a friend that tells me cute parts of her life and it’s just super rad. I LOVE her. I have a friend that I enjoy watching movies with and being with. I have a friend that buys matching cat shirts with me and can talk to me about anything cause we’re best friends. I miss him. I have a friend that I can call at 11:45 and of course she’s awake to answer and we talk and laugh and talk and laugh some more. I love her so much. I have a friend that understands the cuteness of books that I love and writes the best letters.  I have a friend that will vent to me and let me vent to her and we love each other a lot. I have a friend that is my twin: we say and think the same things all the time. I have a friend that is the super cutest ever and makes me want to be a better person. I have a friend that I really really like to work with. I have a friend that is currently about 2,032 miles away from home right now… talk about long distance! I have a friend that I love to sing with. I have a friend that supports me and listens to me go on and on about boy(s) and such… yeah that friend is my momma. ;) I have a friend that I really like driving with… I have a friend that can talk and talk but I’m okay with that cause I love hearing what he has to say. I have some friends that I love going to the temple with. :) I have a friend that I’ve known basically my whole life and she is beautiful. I could go on and on. I just like friends…

Well that’s all I’ve got for now. It’s time for me to sleep and I haven’t gotten much of that lately soooo yeah.

Goodnight lovelies. I love to sing and I love friends. The end.

Good Things #23

1. Summer break is the best thing of my entire life.

2. At Airborne I made it to the Cliff Hanger on the obstacle course! :) :)

3. I’ve taken a nap almost every day this week and last week.

4. Aaron is the greatest friend.

5. I love it when Elyse visits.

6. My music is seriously better than everyone else’s and I just love driving with the volume up alllll the way. I drive a lot recently…

7. Working with Elysa is so super fun.

8. I saw Josh today for the first time in like two weeks!

9. My brother is the best actor in the whole world. ;) I am soooo proud of him.

10. Dates at the drive-in are fantastic. Especially when they’re with Nate! I had so so much fun last night. :)

11. Till Kingdom Come by Coldplay. Yes yes yes.

12. I love love love hoodies.

13. My bed is my favorite place to be…

14. Pictures make me extremely happy.

15. I love the fact that no matter what, my friends will always be my friends. Whether they’ve moved away or if we’ve just grown apart a bit, we’ll always be friends..

16. Drawing Tanner and Cameron’s future wives tonight was highly entertaining.. even though I can’t draw!

17. I LOVE temple trips.

18. Unexpected texts from unexpected people at 11:32 PM are greatly appreciated… ;)

19. I’m really into country music right now… don’t ask me why, but I kind of like it a lot..

20. I’m about to watch a movie in bed with the laptop. It’s a cute movie. :) I’ll probably fall asleep, but that’s okay.


Word of the Hour (12 AM)

noun: care
  1. the provision of what is necessary for the health, welfare, maintenance, and protection of someone or something.
    “the care of the elderly”
  2. serious attention or consideration applied to doing something correctly or to avoid damage or risk.
    “he planned his departure with great care”
    • an object of concern or attention.
      plural noun: cares
      “the cares of family life”
    • a feeling of or occasion for anxiety.
      “she was driving along without a care in the world”
verb: care
  1. feel concern or interest; attach importance to something.
    “they don’t care about human life”
    • feel affection or liking.
      “you care very deeply for him”
    • like or be willing to do or have something.
      “would you care for some tea?”
  2. look after and provide for the needs of.
    “he has numerous animals to care for”

Mix all those definitions together and there you have it. Even though it still makes no sense whatsoever. I just like the word, okay?

I care. I care so much.