Smiles All Around


There are things that are hard and confusing right now (perhaps it will always be that way) and there are a lot of things I need to work on…

But holy cow am I grateful for an awesome family and little reasons to smile like phone calls and long lists and staying up late and MUSIC…

Life is grand. :)

Good Things #25

1. I really like driving with my brother… especially around Stansbury; we both think it’s so pretty there.

2. Summer seminary was great, as always. And it just made me even more excited that my brother is gonna be a freshman! YES.

3. Being with the seminary council is always a good time. :)

4. I love trusting people, and knowing they can be trusted.

5. I am grateful for people that tolerate my comments and such during movies…

6. The Girl by City and Colour. A new favorite.

7. When we are stuck at work, Tanner and I still make the best of it, and I love that.

8. And then we get visitors and working isn’t even sad anymore!

9. And then the Disney music starts playing and we all sing along and I think, life is just so so grand, as I’m mopping the floor. :)

10. Pizza in and of itself is a good thing.

11. I love putting old CDs in my car and listening to the memories that go along with the songs.

12. I am such a huge fan of the lists that me and some of my best friends are making…

13. You Are My Sunshine has taken on a whole new meaning tonight. :) :) :)


15. I love love love smiles and laughs and smiles and laughs and yeah.

16. When we thought tonight was gonna be dumb, it was actually pretty good!

17. The fact that Tanner and I always park next to each other when we work makes me so so happy.

18. Hashtags are cool.

19. My room is clean and I looooove it.

20. Josh and Tanner are my favorite people at the moment. THE BEST.

21. Oh and Randy comes home in two days!

Okay now I’m gonna go finish my boooook!! Yayyy!!!! I like today LOTS. :) :) :)



153. I like listening to other peoples’ laughs. It makes me happy.

And that, my friends, is all that needs to be said.


Good Things #24

1. Fireworks are cute and cool and a lot of other awesome words.

2. My package should have been delivered by now… Hopefully! Oh and writing letters is fun too!

3. This morning I walked into the seminary building for our meeting and this was on the board…


… I LOVE TANNER. It made my day! I seriously thought about this all day long and it just made me smile. :) Tanner is the best.

4. Speaking of seminary… Seminary Council is basically the best thing that’s happened to me this year. I love them so so much and I know they love me too. ;) I love that we all hang out and party and tell each other everything…

5. I’m thankful for my best friends Elysa and Bay. No distance will ever sever our relationships.

6. A new record has been set for times around the round-about: eighteen, completed by Easton Brown with the help of the council. :)

7. My friend Kaden is basically one of the greatest kids in the world. I am so so grateful for him and the part he plays in my life. Plus he has really cute and perfect stories… ;) He’s one of those people that I can talk to about anything and everything and boy, do I need that sometimes. Thank you…

8. Driving is sooooooo wonderful.

9. Adam Young/Owl City is so stinking hilarious. I was dying of laughter yesterday just reading some of his instagram posts! I love that guy.

10. I enjoy row-boats and stars… kind of a lot…

11. Today my siblings and I took care of some kids from the ward. And I realized that I LOVE reading to kids… it’s so fun! And the baby fell asleep while I was reading, and when the others got tired of reading time, I went to sleep too… Nap time with this little cutie was so precious. :)



12. I get so happy when my friends are happy!

13. I really really like my new watch.

14. I’m so thankful I had the opportunity to go to Provo last week with the council. The lessons I learned and the testimonies I heard were sooo amazing… God is real guys. And our Savior. And Joseph Smith IS a prophet. I know that.

15. So I’m not super great at saying what I feel out loud and things like that… but I’m really grateful for the people in my life that make it easier to express what I want to say… if that makes sense…

16. I ordered more pictures today annnnd let me just say my life and the people in it are pretty stinkin’ cute. :)

17. And then as I’m typing, the song I See The Light starts to play… oh how I love Tangled…

18.  My friend Rando is doing such good things right now! I’m so proud. :’) hahaha

19. I LOVE MY BED. AND CHOCOLATE AND T-SHIRTS AND NEW BOOKS. And notes the perhaps smell like cologne. Weird. ;)

20. Cookout with the fam tonight. We ate yummy food and then sat around the fire while eating s’mores and talked about some really great stuff… I like my family. Lots.


I am preeettttyy happy and I like that.

Nighty night!


As of two weeks ago…

I am no artist… But this is cute…


So open your eyes and see
the way our horizons meet
And all of the lights will lead
into the night with me
And I know these scars will bleed
but both of our hearts believe
All of these stars will guide us home

All Too Well

I like the kind of driving that doesn’t take a lot of thinking… You just turn down random roads until you stop at a place that looks nice… You stay there for a while, and two hours later you end up getting home at last.

I LOVE DRIVING. And I’m not even good at it… But I don’t care. Caring is pointless.

The sunset was beautiful tonight. I like this world.