I like sleeping in! I like teachers that aren’t super boring! I like second period! I like having free tracks! I like buying new pants! I like little shoe keychains! I like my ring! I like my watch especially when it lights up! I like reading! I like studying but not by myself! I like air conditioning! I like the Wicked soundtrack! I like true friends that bring Elysa and me food when we’re working! I like making friends! I like dancing in Show Choir! I like feeling confident! I like my best friend Aaron! I like poptarts from Aaron! I like talks with Aaron! I like no-arm hugs with Aaron! I like singing! I like laughing! I like my taste in music! I like parties! I like going to movies! I like my friends’ laughs! I like lemonade! I like making up smoothies! I like staying up till two for no real reason! I like hugs! I like dreams that feel like real life! I like my cute heart pen! I like my room especially when it’s reaaaaallllllyyyy clean! I like helping Ben ask Elysa to dances! I like my cute pictures in my car! I like my cute drawing in my car! I like my whoooole car! I like having a full tank of gas! I like that being silly in choir means I’m normal! I like my pillows! I like my sweatshirts! I like my t-shirts! I like not caring about dressing cute! I like my hair when I don’t blow-dry it! I like texting sometimes! I like phone calls! I like getting voicemail! I like being home alone! I like old pictures of my parents! I like Facetiming my sister! I like eating food and not getting stomach aches! I like assembly schedules! I like making up songs with Kara about Prom! I like Prom! I like going to classes in the seminary building! I like long weekends! I like pictures! I like hymns! I like thunder! I like dancing in my kitchen! I like thinking about Spiderman! I like acoustic versions of songs! I like talking to my sister when she comes home from college! I like Coldplay! I like seeing Tanner! I like driving at night! I like my yard! I like my piano! I like nap time! I like my rainbow shoes even though they are so broken! I like my phone! I like putting pictures up with Aaron! I like Tiffany’s attitude on life! I like minty mints! I like running but only for two seconds! I like no make-up days! I like bookstores! I like love stories especially! I like my mom! I like Bailee! I like singing Elysa’s name like Elphaba sings Fiyero’s name in the song No Good Deed! I like pretending to be Elphaba! I like relating to songs! I like Relient K! I like this laptop! I like popcorn! I like drinking water! I like the mirror in my room! I like my picture wall! I like writing with pens! I like baby journals! I like writing lyrics! I like doing dishes! I like my fingernails when I cut them! I like paychecks! I like no show socks! I like birthdays! I like anniversaries! I like the color green! I like real food that’s not junk! I like coupons! I like buying things for people! I like flowers! I like how swag my friends dress! I like the fall! I like not being sweaty and grossie! I like Christina Perri and Ed Sheeran when they sing together! I like imagining having jams with friends! I like milk! I like the sound of guitars! I like not feeling shaky! I like paper towels! I like happy customers! I like TIPS! I like having lots of dollars! I like deleting pointless apps and spending less time on my phone! I like Tangled! I like Idaho! I like my friends Randy and Elysa! I like when the last school bell rings every day! I like injuries that heal fast! I like parking next to my friends! I like having my own car! I like friends that laugh at my not-so-funny jokes! I like lunch time! I like Saturdays! I like Skittles kind of! I like hands! I like having a body! I like good memories! I like how cute ShaeLyn is! I like my millions of pictures! I like Pinterest! I like making plans with people! I like being invited to things! I like going to the drive-in! I like drive-in dates! I like perfume! I like yummy yummy cologne! I like pancakes sometimes! I like windows! I like my toothbrush! I like hairspray! I like turning up the stereo! I like sitting in chairs! I like smiling! I like my whole house! I like having plans tonight! I like not missing people and being with them! I like letters! I like cute things! I like sunshine! I like four-wheelers! I like crying every now and then! I like seeing everyone that’s going to homecoming and how they’re getting asked! I like knowing I don’t have to be good at every single thing I do! I like being on time for things! I like doing nothing so long as my head is full of stuff to think about, which is always! I like blond hair! I like all the Johansens! I like doing favors for people! I like towels! I like fresh laundry! I like writing long blog posts that mean nothing! I like laying in the grass! I like Tyler Ward! I like to siiiiiiiiiiiiiiiing!!!!! I like not thinking of more things to like!

Please be confident.

I want to be the best example I can be and I want to help the Lord hasten His work… But how can I do that when I can’t even put my own words together in a classroom full of my peers?

Perhaps I need to find other ways of being an example other than speaking out loud…

I can do this.


Things I love:

1. Sleeping outside under the stars.

2. Watching clouds.

3. Making wishes.

4. Getting my hair played with.

5. Laughing.

6. Songs that describe feelings perfectly.

7. Movie nights.

8. Thunderstorms and lightning.

9. Road trips.

10. Ron and Hermione.