I like sleeping in! I like teachers that aren’t super boring! I like second period! I like having free tracks! I like buying new pants! I like little shoe keychains! I like my ring! I like my watch especially when it lights up! I like reading! I like studying but not by myself! I like air conditioning! I like the Wicked soundtrack! I like true friends that bring Elysa and me food when we’re working! I like making friends! I like dancing in Show Choir! I like feeling confident! I like my best friend Aaron! I like poptarts from Aaron! I like talks with Aaron! I like no-arm hugs with Aaron! I like singing! I like laughing! I like my taste in music! I like parties! I like going to movies! I like my friends’ laughs! I like lemonade! I like making up smoothies! I like staying up till two for no real reason! I like hugs! I like dreams that feel like real life! I like my cute heart pen! I like my room especially when it’s reaaaaallllllyyyy clean! I like helping Ben ask Elysa to dances! I like my cute pictures in my car! I like my cute drawing in my car! I like my whoooole car! I like having a full tank of gas! I like that being silly in choir means I’m normal! I like my pillows! I like my sweatshirts! I like my t-shirts! I like not caring about dressing cute! I like my hair when I don’t blow-dry it! I like texting sometimes! I like phone calls! I like getting voicemail! I like being home alone! I like old pictures of my parents! I like Facetiming my sister! I like eating food and not getting stomach aches! I like assembly schedules! I like making up songs with Kara about Prom! I like Prom! I like going to classes in the seminary building! I like long weekends! I like pictures! I like hymns! I like thunder! I like dancing in my kitchen! I like thinking about Spiderman! I like acoustic versions of songs! I like talking to my sister when she comes home from college! I like Coldplay! I like seeing Tanner! I like driving at night! I like my yard! I like my piano! I like nap time! I like my rainbow shoes even though they are so broken! I like my phone! I like putting pictures up with Aaron! I like Tiffany’s attitude on life! I like minty mints! I like running but only for two seconds! I like no make-up days! I like bookstores! I like love stories especially! I like my mom! I like Bailee! I like singing Elysa’s name like Elphaba sings Fiyero’s name in the song No Good Deed! I like pretending to be Elphaba! I like relating to songs! I like Relient K! I like this laptop! I like popcorn! I like drinking water! I like the mirror in my room! I like my picture wall! I like writing with pens! I like baby journals! I like writing lyrics! I like doing dishes! I like my fingernails when I cut them! I like paychecks! I like no show socks! I like birthdays! I like anniversaries! I like the color green! I like real food that’s not junk! I like coupons! I like buying things for people! I like flowers! I like how swag my friends dress! I like the fall! I like not being sweaty and grossie! I like Christina Perri and Ed Sheeran when they sing together! I like imagining having jams with friends! I like milk! I like the sound of guitars! I like not feeling shaky! I like paper towels! I like happy customers! I like TIPS! I like having lots of dollars! I like deleting pointless apps and spending less time on my phone! I like Tangled! I like Idaho! I like my friends Randy and Elysa! I like when the last school bell rings every day! I like injuries that heal fast! I like parking next to my friends! I like having my own car! I like friends that laugh at my not-so-funny jokes! I like lunch time! I like Saturdays! I like Skittles kind of! I like hands! I like having a body! I like good memories! I like how cute ShaeLyn is! I like my millions of pictures! I like Pinterest! I like making plans with people! I like being invited to things! I like going to the drive-in! I like drive-in dates! I like perfume! I like yummy yummy cologne! I like pancakes sometimes! I like windows! I like my toothbrush! I like hairspray! I like turning up the stereo! I like sitting in chairs! I like smiling! I like my whole house! I like having plans tonight! I like not missing people and being with them! I like letters! I like cute things! I like sunshine! I like four-wheelers! I like crying every now and then! I like seeing everyone that’s going to homecoming and how they’re getting asked! I like knowing I don’t have to be good at every single thing I do! I like being on time for things! I like doing nothing so long as my head is full of stuff to think about, which is always! I like blond hair! I like all the Johansens! I like doing favors for people! I like towels! I like fresh laundry! I like writing long blog posts that mean nothing! I like laying in the grass! I like Tyler Ward! I like to siiiiiiiiiiiiiiiing!!!!! I like not thinking of more things to like!


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