11:50 PM

I love Spiderman and Gwen and the music that plays whenever they’re in a scene with just the two of them. I’m totally pretending I know myself and writing the most random essay all about me for this thing called a pageant. Like, what even is that? Stressed. Stats is hard. I should start my homework. Gotta wake up in 4 hours and 52 minutes. Hoping I can find a dress that’s long enough and comfortable. Wishing I had thicker hair. My back hurts from sitting against this wall so long. Today my mom told me this: “The more you hide from the world, the less influence you’ll have on it.” I enjoy frooties. If I didn’t have to go to school that’d be cool. Why is Cross Country in my essay about myself? I don’t even run! I wish my hands weren’t so veiny, my veins stick out so blue. Ew. Pictures are cute. Boys that concentrate really hard when they sing are cute. Texting old friends is refreshing. Tired. So so tired. I want to watch Spiderman 2 but I have work tomorrow night. Maybe I’m just anti-social, but work is an excuse for me to not go to the football games… they are always hard for me. I really really like my ring. Peter and Gwen, Peter and Gwen, Peter and Gwen. Phone calls should happen wayyy more often than they do. After not talking for a long time, a phone call was the most perfect thing ever for me. The problem with me is that I remember everything, like literally everything, and then when the person I’m talking to doesn’t remember, I feel like they don’t care enough to remember, but really I just need to remind myself that I remember like literally everything and they don’t, even if it’s something I think is really memorable. Why am I blogging when I have an essay to write… about myself… Who even am I?? A girl. An Abbey. A SENIOR. Music is uplifting. I still can’t get enough of Wicked. My journal has been neglected. My back hurts, but I already said that. Time to finish I guess. Bye.


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