Homecoming 2014

Sooooo… homecoming! More like homecoming week! Just be warned, I’m gonna be writing a really long blog post…

Alrighty. So.

On Monday I went shopping with Randy and Heidi after school for a suit and tie for Randy! We went to a few stores, success was found at Mr. Mac. It was fun! And we got smoothies out of it… Shopping is fun. :) Then when we got home Heidi cut my hair! B-b-bangs baby! haha I felt kinda cute.

I was nominated for the homecoming pageant. Which I did NOT wanna do. I’m not one of those girls who loves dressing up and showing off how cute she is, cause… well yeah. I just didn’t wanna work super hard for this and not even care about it! It was all super last minute and I had to stay up writing an essay and I had to pick a song really fast for my talent and then I had to memorize it and practice it a lot a lot a lot. So in a way it was stressful…

BUT. On Tuesday we had the rehearsal for the pageant. And it was really fun actually… even though I messed up on my talent. I totally forgot what I was doing and lost my spot in the song (embarrassing). But that’s beside the point! Cause it was fun! The girls that were in the pageant with me were all super nice and like, supportive, and it was really cool! It still was stressful… messing up and being at the school for 10 hours straight. But after the rehearsal I was actually looking forward to Wednesday night instead of dreading it…

Wednesday was a super super good day. :) First of all, it was “Twinsday Wednesday” (so catchy, right?) Aaron bought shirts for us to match… and secretly in the inside I was really excited to match cause I’m a huge fan of cute matchy friend stuff. I dunno, I just like it… haha Anyway. Here’s my first picture!

0925matchyTwins. :)

Right after school I went home and got ready for my interview with the judges. At 5:00 I was back at the school with SO much make-up on (thanks to Momma…).  I felt ridiculous! But whatever. I rocked the interview. At least I felt like I did…

Then the pageant. Oh the pageant! Was. So. Fun. I loved every second!

0925hocopJill and I sang Not About Angels by Birdy. Sooo proud of my little sister. She’s so cute!

0925hcpageantOh and Randy was my escort! And I love his face in this picture. ;)

0925hocopgAll the pretty pageant girls!

And guess what…

0925hocofiveThese are the top five! Yup that’s me on the left!! I made it!

And then when the pageant was over we were swarmed with people and I got some really awesome pictures with some really awesome people… I can’t say enough times how fun it was! And just the fact that there were so many friends of mine there to watch made it even better!

0925hcjojoLike the Johansens…

0925hcjustin… and my new friend Justin…

0925hctiff… and Tiff… I was so happy she wanted a picture with me. :’)

0925hocol… and this guy… remember him? (Prom 2014…) ;)

0925hcmomma… and my beautiful momma of course. :)

And last but not least…

0925hclb… MY BEST FRIENDS!! They are my world. I’m so so happy they were there!

After the pageant my family and I talked about it foreeever once we got home! My mom and I stayed up so so late. But it was great. It was such a perfect day! Compared to the next day especially, cause nothing exciting happened, I just did homework…… Whoo. ;)

On Friday was the Homecoming Assembly and they announced who won Homecoming Royalty… I was First Attendant! It was pretty exciting! And such an honor that my school thinks somewhat highly of me! I was amazed at all the kids that came and talked to me and told me I looked good… in Elysa’s dress, might I add. ;) I was more excited for the other girls, just cause they were so stoked! Bella Spencer won Homecoming Queen, Erin Bales won Second Attendant, and Nancy Aldrete won Miss Congeniality. It was awesome! We were in the parade after school and we walked onto the field at the football game to get recognized. That was pretty much all of our royal duties for the weekend, but hey it was fun!

0926hocoparadeHere are the four of us before the parade… All pumped up! haha

The homecoming game was actually the first football game I’ve been to this year cause every other Friday I’ve had work… Really lame, huh? But I liked this game a lot!

Screen Shot 2014-10-01 at 8.48.36 PMMy best friend Elysa. She made me feel so cute and awesome for winning… I like her. :)

0926blue… and my other best friend! With BLUE hair??

After the game I helped decorate the cafeteria for the dance. Got home at one… Just a little tired…

Then all the sudden it was finally Saturday!! I even got to sleep in! And then Randy and Aaron and I went and got pedicures…. hehe… then we got Annie and went to lunch and then went to the school where our day date would officially start! It was an Amazing Race, Annie and Aaron were on mine and Randy’s team. We had to go all over Stansbury and Tooele doing different challenges and stuff like that… And it was SO FUN. It was the best part of my day, hands down!! We painted the boys’ nails, we went to Home Depot, we canoed on the lake, we ate sardines and slurpees, we took pictures at a park and the bowling alley and a car wash, we went to Walmart….. yeah we did lots of stuff!

0927hococwThis was when we were in the car wash…

0927hocomf… this was when we went to Walmart… we all the sudden had mustaches? ;)

And guess who won…

0927hocowinnersUS!! We’re so cool. :D

It really was the funnest thing ever. :)

Well…… Then I went and got ready for the dance! I got ready super slow so two hours went by really fast… (and also Sadie came and helped me and I LOVE HER.) And then Randy came and my parents and brother took looooots of pictures and then we went to Taygun’s for group pictures and such!

0927hocogroupThe whole group!

0927hococRandy and I looked good… If I do say so myself. ;) :)

0927hocobffsLove my cute friends!!

0927hocomyboysMy boys… :)

0927hococoOne more…

After all the pictures… which did take quite a long time… we went to Clayton’s for dinner! And it was soooo fancy! Way way way fancy! And yummy! We had appetizers and a main course and dessert and fancy drinks and candles and yeah… just fancy! It was way cool! Good food, good company! It was great!

And then the dance was really fun! Exhausting, but fun! It was definitely a party! I don’t know how else to describe it… haha But it was awesome! :) Dances are fun!

0927hocoteSome beautiful friends I found at the dance!! Tiffany and Elysa. :)

We went to Randy’s house when it was over and hung out there for a while, just looking at pictures and stuff… Then Randy drove me home and I went to bed after a while… haha It was a good day and a good night! Oh and a good week!

I loooooved homecoming. :) And I’m so so glad I got to go with Randy! We’ve been friends for so long, and I’m glad we still are. He’s really great… I’m thinking I’ll keep him around a little longer… :)


Um…….. K bye!


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