Good Things #27

1. My room is super duper cute. :)

2. I’ve almost filled up my eighth journal. Whoo.

3. I LOVE FALL. I love driving in Overlake cause there are soo many trees and they’re all turning yellow and it’s so pretty!

4. It’s a three day week at school! (only two more now!)

5. On Friday Aaron came with my family to see Meet the Mormons (which was fabulous, by the way)… And then afterward he stayed at my house forever and it was so fun. :)

6. After the slowest night at work I came home and Mom warmed up some soup for me and we talked for a long time. Those are some of my favorite moments, talking with my mom.

7. I love love love having a car. It’s really cute too!

8. I totally understood Chapter 3 in Stats. And I think I did really well on the test.

9. My little siblings are so cute and skyping Kels with them last night was great. Also, Kelsie is AWESOME.

10. When I’m sitting in class and it’s infinity long I think, “this too shall pass.” Cause it will. Time always ends.

11. I like that I’m becoming friends with Ben and his friends… makes me feel cool.. and more included in Elysa’s life, which is also cool.

12. I’m grateful for my fancy calculator.

13. I like my seminary class. And I like Randy’s class a lot too. Probably cause I like Brother Stirling a lot.

14. Choir’s actually bearable this year. Because of Aaron, and my favorite pageant girls.

15. November and December should be SUPER good this year. I’m so excited.

16. The best gift I’ve ever received is no doubt the Stansbury Stallions blanket I won a few weeks ago. It’s soooooo soft.

17. My favorite thing about General Conference is going to Lewiston and being with my family.

18. Randy and I have stayed friends for so long and I’m super thankful for that.

19. My attitude about work is getting better… Slowly but surely…

20. When I can make someone smile it makes me so happy. :)


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