– I sometimes think it’ll actually be a really good thing to move away and go to college… even though I don’t want to.

– I hate being cold. But I hate being hot even more. And this past week and a half I have felt both temperatures on and off throughout the day and I really don’t like it. :(

– Call me lazy, but if I could sleep in every day and do nothing, I would.

– Teasing isn’t cool. Like if it’s incessant. It gets old really fast… and I know I shouldn’t let it get to me but it does.

– The person I love most in this world (besides family, duh) is probably Elysa.

– School is stressful. And high school is all the stereotypes and more–it’s all about wanting to fit in. I’ve noticed that more and more this year. I hate how kids act differently around different groups of people. Just be yourself no matter who you’re with…

– I live for weekends.

– Work is where I’m really extra good at faking happiness.. haha

– Hugs are the best things in the world. Even half hugs. They’re just great.

– I miss Kelsey Fivas a lot. I wish we talked more.


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