Chick Pick 2014

So… Chick Pick was really fun! It wasn’t super planned extremely well, but it turned out alright and was a lot of fun! I’m really happy about that and I think Lexton had a lot of fun, so that’s good. :)


Here’s the whole group… we’re really good at piggy-backs… haha Didn’t know that there were so many different ways to do that! But we all look pretty good. ;)


Lexton and I were with Elysa and Ben the whole time basically (best friends with best friends, duh)… it was fun and I really really really like Elysa and Ben!

1115abbbenAwkward photo that I think is hilarious…… Ben doesn’t like me……

1115elysaandbenHe likes ELYSA! ;) They’re so cute I had to share this… :) :)


Annnnnd here’s Lexton and me! :)

It was a really fun day eating food and being up in the mountains and eating more food and playing games and dancing and watching movies and just hanging out, and I’m so so glad everyone had a good time! Makes me so happy. Dates are fun!!


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