Oh how I love money and college!!!!!!!

Oh wait.


Oh, It Is Wonderful

“However late you think you are, however many chances you think you have missed, however many mistakes you feel you have made or talents you think you don’t have, or however far from home and family and God you feel you have traveled, I testify that you have NOT traveled beyond the reach of divine love. It is not possible for you to sink lower than the infinite light of Christ’s Atonement shines.” -Elder Jeffrey R. Holland

How true this is. My thoughts put into words… because we all know I can’t express how I feel that perfectly. I am SO grateful for the hope that the Atonement gives us.

It’s 1:05 in the morning and it’s all I can think about… How blessed we are that we have a Savior who gave His life for us…

As of December 15th.

idahopbbestfriendsRemember the best week of our lives? I wish I could go back…

Now I’m a SENIOR. And in a couple weeks I’ll be halfway done with the school year. And then I’m gonna graduate. WHAT??? That’s crazy…

I’ve applied for BYU, BYU-I, Snow, and USU. Fingers crossed I can get into BYU. I was reeeeaaallllyyy not looking forward to doing all those college applications, but once I got started on BYU’s application, I actually felt kind of excited and maybe a little at peace about having to leave behind my little high school life… So I think I want to go there… We’ll see. It depends on money too, whether or not I can even afford it. Who can afford college, you ask? Yeah I have no idea how everyone does it either..

I work at Roxberry. A few months ago I was ready to find a new job because I was so frustrated with everything going on there, but now I’m okay with it. It’s an easy job, honestly. Some people think that means they don’t have to do anything when they clock in, but that’s their problem I guess. I try and get as much done during my shifts as possible. And I feel so accomplished, but then I come home to my messy room and loads of homework and chores and piano practicing, and that accomplished feeling flees pretty fast. I sure wish I got paid for simply living… haha! Maybe that’d give me some motivation…

This crazy month of December, I’ve been working less and less and singing more and more for our Show Choir performances that we’ve had almost every. stinkin’. night. I wish I could make money singing too. Gosh I just need money. But anyway, Show Choir is kinda fun… honestly, if Aaron wasn’t in choir with me, I’d go nuts. Some people’s kids are hard to handle on an almost every night and every other day basis. Ahhhh it’s rough. But Aaron is my best friend, and I’m so glad he’s there. We went to perform at Primary Children’s Hospital a couple weeks ago, and I had a blast because Aaron is the greatest person ever. While the ballroom was performing, we were trying to copy all of the dance moves and it was so funny! Aaron brings out the silly side of me and I like that side a lot better than whatever everyone else usually sees. I like laughing. He’s the one that makes me laugh the most. And I can talk to him about anything, funny or serious. I don’t know if I’m his best friend, but he probably doesn’t even know the impact he’s had on me so far this school year. I LOVE AARON!

I’m trying to finish the Book of Mormon by the end of the year, and I’ve got kind of a ways to go. I got caught up in reading Doctrine & Covenants, so I’m behind. I’ve got a lot to catch up on, but I’m getting there and I will finish by January 1st!! I’m determined. It’s the only thing I can really do for myself right now that will really help me feel like I’m doing alright. There’s so so much I have to work on, and being nice doesn’t cut it.

Randy’s getting his tonsils out tomorrow. I feel bad. He’ll be okay though, he always is…
I’m so glad he’s my friend. I think about that all the time. I’m so so so glad.

There’s something I want to do… a video project of sorts… These high school kids need to be told something and I want an effective way to do it, not just with some dumb Facebook post or something… Maybe this’ll be my New Years Resolution, but it’s been on my mind for weeks and I really think I need to do it, even though I’m not sure how I’ll go about doing it.

Christmas shopping is fun. Still stressing over money though. And school. Let’s not forget school. Lots of homework, lots of early mornings (thank you, Choir), and lots of stress over grades. Ew math. Ew Sterling Scholar that I don’t even care about. Can life be easy?? No. No, Abbey, that would be too simple. I’m very much looking forward to Christmas break because I need a break soooo bad! School is crazy! I am thankful that while everything in my life seems to be going haywire, I have a WONDERFUL family that remains constant, and a God and a Savior that always have their arms open for me. I am so thankful for my precious life that has been given to me, despite the struggles we all know that come with living. It is so worth it though. So so worth it. Never forget that…

This is long. And also I don’t even know if this is a gratitude post or a complainy post. I guess it could be both. It’s a good life update though, right? Thanks y’all for reading about everything that goes on in my mind…

…Hey There Delilah just started playing and wow so many feelings right now. Agh.

K bye.


My mom woke me up about an hour ago saying, “Abbey are you okay??” Apparently I’d fallen asleep on the kitchen floor… oops.

I’m tired alllllllll the time. Constantly tired. And these late nights and early mornings aren’t helping. I’m so so tired. Can I just say that again? I’m soooo tired. All I want to do is sleep, and motivation is lacking hardcore… It’s rough.

But! I am thankful for doctors and the fact that I’m not afraid of needles… (four shots in one day. Whoo.) I’m thankful for my momma cause I tell her basically everything and she understands me and gives the best advice. I’m thankful for Aaron cause he’s keeping me sane right now. I’m thankful for naps… and pajamas… and cloudy weather… I’m thankful that my mom lets me take naps…

Being me is awesome. [said with all the enthusiasm that my tired self can muster]

Can I sleep now?