My mom woke me up about an hour ago saying, “Abbey are you okay??” Apparently I’d fallen asleep on the kitchen floor… oops.

I’m tired alllllllll the time. Constantly tired. And these late nights and early mornings aren’t helping. I’m so so tired. Can I just say that again? I’m soooo tired. All I want to do is sleep, and motivation is lacking hardcore… It’s rough.

But! I am thankful for doctors and the fact that I’m not afraid of needles… (four shots in one day. Whoo.) I’m thankful for my momma cause I tell her basically everything and she understands me and gives the best advice. I’m thankful for Aaron cause he’s keeping me sane right now. I’m thankful for naps… and pajamas… and cloudy weather… I’m thankful that my mom lets me take naps…

Being me is awesome. [said with all the enthusiasm that my tired self can muster]

Can I sleep now?


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