Good Things #28

So amid the conflict either great or small, do not be discouraged; God is over all. Count your many blessings; angels will attend, help and comfort give you to your journey’s end.

1. Rhett & Brooke are MARRIED. :) :) :)

2. Cameron, Connor, Leo, Carlos, and Charles all have their mission calls! It’s so exciting to see where these boys that I’ve known for years are headed… and I’m so proud!

3. Cadbury Eggs are perfect. Having a bad day? Eat them. Having a good day? Eat them. Your day is ten times better!

4. I really like it when people tell me to look up songs… and then when those songs are super great? Score.

5. Less than 85 days until I GRADUATE.

6. This week is halfway over.

7. I had a rough day yesterday until I went to work and closed with Aaron. He is awesome. AND Josh came and visited us for like an hour… kinda like he did a lot in the summer and it was cool. :)

8. I’m (mostly) caught up with homework and I’m so proud of myself! This accomplished feeling has been gone way too long.

9. Mrs. Hatch told me that I am a really good writer.

10. Josh is my tell-all-my-problems-to-friend. It’s a mutual thing–he tells me his problems too. I love it! Even though we complain a lot sometimes, it’s so great that we can let everything out to each other. He LISTENS to me. AND gives me advice (and comfort when needed). I love that.

11. I have the cutest little stuffed animal bear. He is the perfect cuddle buddy every night and I am so grateful for my cutest little stuffed animal bear. :)

12. I turned in my pictures for yearbook and I now have a good grade and I am sooooo relieved.

13. After this weekend I’ll be done with piano practicing. Whoo!

14. The way Rhett looks at Brooke.

15. Connor & I have become best friends and I love it so much. He’s cool. So are his friends! I love that they know me and like me!

16. Honestly, I’ve had the best days this month. The last two Saturdays were both sooooo perfect and fun.

17. Pictures make me happy.

18. Justin is a good friend to me. I’m grateful for all of Elysa’s friends and when they include me. It’s cool!

19. The Steadmans are all so wonderful and I love them so so much. They are the cutest family!

20. I’m going to prom with NATE. :) :)

21. I really do like meeting new people. Today I felt like I was ready and excited for college…

22. Fake it till you make it–it works. If you really try hard, it works.

23. I’m thankful for mutual. It’s like a breath of fresh air.

24. I LOVE NICE PEOPLE. *cough* Emma *cough*

25. Jake & Carlos hug me every time they see me. Jake is a tight hugger, and Carlos is a lift-me-up hugger. I LOVE IT. They are so fantastic and I’m so grateful that they’re my friends.

26. Favorite Girl by Icarus Account might just be the cutest song on earth.

27. I really love weddings I decided. Like a LOT. And the idea that someday it might be me in the white dress with some handsome boy who thinks I’m the prettiest girl in the world… Yeah. It’s a sweet thought.

28. God blessed the world with music… I’m grateful for music. Also, (this is wayyy off topic) when I pray for cute dreams, He gives me weird ones. It’s funny. ;)

29. When people tell me they like my clothes I feel really good. I know appearance shouldn’t matter too much, but it’s nice to know that I don’t look too terrible!

30. I’m grateful for my mom & dad and all they do for me. They give me chance after chance… kinda like Heavenly Father. And they love me like He does too… I am blessed.


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