Facts of March 12th & 13th

BYU is cool… Snow is cool… And decisions are HARD. My mom is my best friend and has the best advice for all of my silly problems. My prom dress is dark purple. And we ordered it online so cross your fingers it’s perfect!! Seminary assemblies are stressful when you’re in charge by the way… But it did go well sooo yay! I wish my pillow and I spent a little more time together. Josh is one of my favorite people to talk to. I am soooo grateful for him. Aaron & I went and got ice cream today. I’m wearing a cute flower skirt! Tenerife Sea by Ed Sheeran is a really pretty song. Nate & I are good dancers. I think. :) Jake is going to Washington D.C. on his mission!! Whoo! Crying is good every once in a while. I have work in an hour. Harry Potter is back in business! Funny how I read it around this time last year… I’ve been named SBO Campaign Manager for Aaron & Randy. haha I think Tanner Anderson is SO COOL. We’re friends! I really really don’t like math. I wish good days (and friends) lasted as long as photographs…. Deep, right?

K bye!


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