Good Things #29

1. My sleeping habits still stink, but at least I don’t have the urge to fall asleep during the day anymore…

2. I love that no matter how much time Elysa & I spend apart, it’s like we were never separated when we get back together.

3. On Monday my very first customer gave me a five dollar tip.

4. Randy can use his phone in Nauvoo… So instant updates!

5. Aaron is one of the most thoughtful friends I’ve ever had and I like phone calls with him.

6. I will be done working at Roxberry in 20 days!!!

7. I’m going to Idaho in 22 days!

8. Nate is one of my besties. And I love that!

9. My new Spotify playlist is Nostalgia Central (haha that’s not really its name). But I like thinking back on things from wayyy far back, that way I don’t have to dwell on high school memories right now.

10. I usually like Grace, and she usually likes me. It works for us.

11. Connor gets home from High Adventure today!! I’ve missed him. And last night Jill & I blew up over 130 balloons to decorate his room… You could say we’re a bit excited. :)

12. Medicine is the worst, but not feeling the worst is worth it.

13. Yesterday I donated blood… Go me!

14. I love my rings. They are so so cute…

15. I really really enjoy writing letters.

16. I’ve gone to the temple twice in two weeks, hopefully I can keep it up… it makes me feel real good.

17. Shopping for my dorm room is kinda fun… and I have a supa cute bedspread!

18. Working in the morning is so chill… and horribly boring. But at least I get to catch up on journaling and stuff!

19. I love love love my family.

20. I finished an original song recently… GO ME :)

July 4th

You know those days that are just so perfect you wish you could freeze every moment from them to keep forever? 

I’m a picture girl. I like to have pictures of everything, proof of what I do I guess. 

But I didn’t get a single picture today. 

It was one of the best days I’ve had this summer and I didn’t get a single picture. 

It’s a good thing I’ll always remember how much I love early mornings and simple conversations, snow cones and family, laughing and the feeling of utmost admiration, air conditioning and the small stress of driving on dirt roads, being needed and being valued and being appreciated, compliments and hugs, and the aura of adventure: the I’ve-never-done-this-before-but-I-think-I-love-it kind of feeling. 

I’ll never forget this July 4th.