Good Things #29

1. My sleeping habits still stink, but at least I don’t have the urge to fall asleep during the day anymore…

2. I love that no matter how much time Elysa & I spend apart, it’s like we were never separated when we get back together.

3. On Monday my very first customer gave me a five dollar tip.

4. Randy can use his phone in Nauvoo… So instant updates!

5. Aaron is one of the most thoughtful friends I’ve ever had and I like phone calls with him.

6. I will be done working at Roxberry in 20 days!!!

7. I’m going to Idaho in 22 days!

8. Nate is one of my besties. And I love that!

9. My new Spotify playlist is Nostalgia Central (haha that’s not really its name). But I like thinking back on things from wayyy far back, that way I don’t have to dwell on high school memories right now.

10. I usually like Grace, and she usually likes me. It works for us.

11. Connor gets home from High Adventure today!! I’ve missed him. And last night Jill & I blew up over 130 balloons to decorate his room… You could say we’re a bit excited. :)

12. Medicine is the worst, but not feeling the worst is worth it.

13. Yesterday I donated blood… Go me!

14. I love my rings. They are so so cute…

15. I really really enjoy writing letters.

16. I’ve gone to the temple twice in two weeks, hopefully I can keep it up… it makes me feel real good.

17. Shopping for my dorm room is kinda fun… and I have a supa cute bedspread!

18. Working in the morning is so chill… and horribly boring. But at least I get to catch up on journaling and stuff!

19. I love love love my family.

20. I finished an original song recently… GO ME :)


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