Update (10 Photos Worth)

An update is definitely needed. I have relocated to the lovely city (town?) of Ephraim, Utah. And I have been an official college student for about a week now? Kinda weird… This whole summer has led up to this… And now here I am. 145 miles away from home at Snow College.

1. Nate came the morning I left to give me a letter and to say bye. No matter what happens in my life, I will ALWAYS be grateful for and remember fondly the Johansen family. Nate is one of the best kids I know and I am so so glad he is a part of my life.0815abbsnateSQ

2. My family is the best part of me. Their goodbye was the hardest. I sure do love them forever and forever. I LOVE technology and the fact that Mom has already had to help me with Theory homework… I’m so blessed and even being gone for only a week has given me a better appreciation for my family and all they do for me. Can’t wait for Labor Day Weekend.0815lovemyfamSQ 3. Connor became one of my best friends senior year. I now understand Savannah’s frustration when she’d tell me he was really bad at texting back… he really is. I miss being able to talk to him whenever I wanted to. The awesome thing is that no matter what happens, no matter what friends come and go, I’ve got him forever. 0815sunshine 4. FaceTime is so fun and talking to Randy last Sunday made me SO HAPPY! Miss him.0816facetimerandy5. Fin stopped by for a visit on Monday night. We went to dinner and then got some frozen yogurt and it was such a good night. I love family and I love Fin and I’m so so glad he decided to come down. :)
0817finfinfin 6. Shoutout to us for both looking fabulous on our first day of school. ;) I really really wanted the typical First Day of School Picture to send to our moms. We were soooo excited at how much our social media sites liked this picture. haha 0819firstdayofschoolSQ 7. The movie we were watching on Friday got a little boring, so I decided to make us a doormat out of chalk…0821mydoormat8. … and then this guy told me if I wanted to I could make him a doormat too… so of course I told all of my roommates and at 2 in the morning we decided to leave this in front of his door. 0821doormat

9. One of the most exciting things ever was having these guys come down. I don’t know how thrilled they were to be at our apartment when they still had a long drive home, but it made me so happy! I’m super excited for them to start their school year and can’t wait to hear all about it. :)0821stansburyBOYS 10. I’m really really really glad that Kels is here at college with me. I’m hoping going to the temple becomes a weekly thing, and I’m looking forward to becoming better friends with my sissy.0822mantitempleSQ