Matthew 11:28

I said the other night that God likes to mess with us and throw us curve balls. Well after thinking more about that, I think that what I said is wrong. God should never be and never has been our enemy! These bad things that happen to us are not because of God, it’s only because we live in a fallen world. Heavenly Father didn’t plan for us to be struggling with certain things, He didn’t plan for Kelsey to have to postpone her mission, He didn’t plan for Josh to lose all feeling below his chest and be told that he might not walk again, He didn’t plan for my uncle to commit suicide. He doesn’t plan that. It’s like if He stopped people from making bad decisions; He can’t stop bad things from happening. So it’s His plan to BE THERE. He’s there when the bad things happen. He’s there to lift and to heal and to comfort and to help because He is OUR GOD. Our God wouldn’t send us these horrible trials on purpose because He does love us and want the best for us. Do our parents ever purposely make us go through really hard things? No. The hard things come first, and the people around us help us to cope, and they always want the BEST for us. Of course our trials can make us stronger, but no one plans for bad things to happen. God loves us and doesn’t want us to suffer, but He knows that pain and sorrow in this life is inevitable and that is why He sent His Son to this earth so that we can feel comfort and know that WE ARE NOT ALONE. God is not the cause of our trials, but rather the remedy of them. If we realize that, we’ll be a lot better off. I’ve found myself blaming God and being mad at Him when really I should be turning to Him and asking Him for comfort when I’m feeling sad instead of pushing Him away out of frustration. I’ve been so wrong. Heavenly Father loves us and wants us to be happy! Life is hard, and God wants to be there every step of the way. “Come unto me, all ye that labour and are heavy laden, and I will give you rest.”

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