Update (10 Photos Worth) #3

Obviously I’m really creative cause my last three blog posts have just been pictures and explanations of them… I don’t have much time for anything else. But.. enjoy!

1. This photo is too cute… haha! This is Cody, Kenz, Aneisa, me, & Regis before the football game messing around with Elysa’s camera. Notice how someone decorated our hallway? It’s awesome! 0926ckaarSQ

2. Cody is a cool kid. Elysa & I respect him so much! He’s so funny and is so nice to everyone and we love it. Elysa & I actually went with Cody to his house in Nephi on Sunday and it was really cool! His family is super nice and way good at cooking. ;) It was nice having a change of scenery from Ephraim but staying with the same people… ya know? 0922codyeaSQ

3. Aneisa is AWESOME. She loves cute photos and she loves me too so it’s a win-win. ;) This picture is from our drive up the canyon with Cody & Regis.0926aneisaabbs

4. Me & Kels before the homecoming dance. (Did I mention this week was homecoming week?) She was so so excited for her date and it was so cute! Aneisa lent me her fabulous dress cause Kelsie & Elysa were borrowing mine. I love my sister, she’s got the greatest smile!0926seesters5. We went on a Frazil Run (drove all the way to Manti) at like 11 at night. It was super fun and reminded me a lot of home! I love frazils. :) Being able to start the tradition down here with my new friends is super exciting. New place, new memories. But still a bit of home.0924frazilrunSQ6. FAM. Yes, we purposely wore matching shirts for this photo. And isn’t it great? The football game was SO HOT though. I wasn’t feeling as cute as I did in this picture by that point in the day. ;) 0926fam7. Up in the canyon again. Regis wanted to take some “date” photos. About 50 takes later and this is what we got! hahaPicMonkey Collage8. On Sunday, Josh facetimed me!! My family that lives in Colorado went to visit him (Grandma and Allie’s family–that’s actually Tanner standing behind Josh in the screenshot). They were so excited! haha But I mostly talked Josh and I loved that. Even if things were different and he was still at BYU, I like to think that I would call him up or text him every now and then to tell him about my life, just like I did in high school. He’s such a great friend and I’m so so grateful for his positivity and kindness. He’s the best.0927facetimewithjosh9. The homecoming dance was CRAZY. It played upbeat music the entire time and so for the whole dance we were bouncing and going nuts! It was SO HOT and we were all so sweaty but hey it was a good time! I’m glad I got to go with all of these kids. Love love love my “fam”. :)0926homecomingSQ10. Sunday Drive with Regis, and turns out I knew where this lake was all along, I’d just forgotten… hahaha And the whole reason we kept going up the canyon this week was to find it! That was a funny moment when we figured out that I actually knew this lake existed. We skipped rocks and talked about our lives… Regis’ record was nine skips, mine was six (which I was SO excited about). Grateful that he’s my new friend!0927foundthelake

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