things I miss

-Mom’s chocolate stash
-staying up late with Connor
-singing with Jill (this is a HUGE one recently)
-working with Aaron
-working with Tanner
-Nate: our talks and jam sessions
-Dad making breakfast on Saturdays
-driving my own car
-a warm cooked meal at every dinner (thanks Mom)
-late nights talking with Mom & Dad on their bed
-chats with Ash during her sister’s piano lessons
-everything that’s chocolate
-laughing with Connor & Savannah
-Brother Lewis
-hanging out with Josh & Cam
-the trees in Overlake
-my Primary class
-The Golden Trio
-going to bed before midnight

Good Things #31 (cause things are that good)

1. Nate (& his family) came and visited super quick before we left for Colorado, which changed my whole attitude about the day cause I had a sad morning. The Johansens always make me happy. 

2. Road trips = napping. Yes. 

3. Went to the Denver Temple this morning. Going to the temple always makes me feel so good. 


4. We spent the afternoon looking through Grandma’s trunk–all of her keepsakes from childhood and on. Looking at pictures and listening to stories was the greatest. 

5. My dad is so funny and I love him and wish he was with us. 

6. Nature is great, isn’t it? Mas skipped his rock five times and he’s eight years old, I only got two today. 

7. The highlight of my day was getting to see Josh. I love him!! He’s the cutest ever and talking to him is just like we always do and I miss high school for the sole purpose of seeing Josh every day. But boy am I glad I saw him tonight.  

8. I love singing. There’s more to it than you’d think, but I like it a lot.

9. Jill was sharing stories with me tonight and it made me so grateful for her. She’s adorable. 

10. Connor & I laugh so much when we’re together. He’s my favorite.  


Good Things #30

1. In just a few hours I’ll be home with my family. :) :) :) I love them and miss them always. 

2. Last night the choir concert went so so well! It was so fun performing! Definitely a rush like no other. 

3. General Conference weekend was awesome, as always.

4. I have a heart wall in my Ephraim bedroom!

5. On Saturday I spent the whole day cleaning my apartment (what to do when you’re home alone) and it looks so so so good and I feel so much better being in a clean house!

6. I got a 96 on my Music Theory midterm. YES. 

7. I saw David Archuleta with Randy last Thursday! Best. Concert. Ever.  

8. People at Snow are so kind. I love everyone I meet!

9. My roommates are amazing. 

10. Phone calls with Aaron are so fun and I love that he tries to keep in touch. He’s the greatest friend, even from miles away!

1:07 AM (which is early for me)

Distance has taught me a few things:

-how to appreciate the people I really care about

-to always value hugs

-who’s really there for me (even when we’re miles apart) and who really isn’t

-who I wanna be there for

-what my priorities are