Good Things #30

1. In just a few hours I’ll be home with my family. :) :) :) I love them and miss them always. 

2. Last night the choir concert went so so well! It was so fun performing! Definitely a rush like no other. 

3. General Conference weekend was awesome, as always.

4. I have a heart wall in my Ephraim bedroom!

5. On Saturday I spent the whole day cleaning my apartment (what to do when you’re home alone) and it looks so so so good and I feel so much better being in a clean house!

6. I got a 96 on my Music Theory midterm. YES. 

7. I saw David Archuleta with Randy last Thursday! Best. Concert. Ever.  

8. People at Snow are so kind. I love everyone I meet!

9. My roommates are amazing. 

10. Phone calls with Aaron are so fun and I love that he tries to keep in touch. He’s the greatest friend, even from miles away!


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