Good Things #31 (cause things are that good)

1. Nate (& his family) came and visited super quick before we left for Colorado, which changed my whole attitude about the day cause I had a sad morning. The Johansens always make me happy. 

2. Road trips = napping. Yes. 

3. Went to the Denver Temple this morning. Going to the temple always makes me feel so good. 


4. We spent the afternoon looking through Grandma’s trunk–all of her keepsakes from childhood and on. Looking at pictures and listening to stories was the greatest. 

5. My dad is so funny and I love him and wish he was with us. 

6. Nature is great, isn’t it? Mas skipped his rock five times and he’s eight years old, I only got two today. 

7. The highlight of my day was getting to see Josh. I love him!! He’s the cutest ever and talking to him is just like we always do and I miss high school for the sole purpose of seeing Josh every day. But boy am I glad I saw him tonight.  

8. I love singing. There’s more to it than you’d think, but I like it a lot.

9. Jill was sharing stories with me tonight and it made me so grateful for her. She’s adorable. 

10. Connor & I laugh so much when we’re together. He’s my favorite.  



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