Reflection Letter on Rhetoric Rationale

Once again, addressed specifically to Lauren Matthews:

This letter entails my opinion of my success in two of my essays.

The first, “Stars & Stripes, Butterflies & Fireworks: A Story Of Love Untold”, is a descriptive narrative and true story from my own life. My purpose in writing is to tell a story in a descriptive kind of way, and, well, I believe I did just that. My audience is for anyone and everyone that happened to come across this paper, my purpose for them to enjoy my writing—I think I survived that qualification as well.

In your own comments to me, you wrote: “Lovely, clear sentences. You are really playing around with voice and I really appreciate it.” Voice is something I worked on a lot in this paper. It being a true story, I really wanted my reader to go away feeling like they knew me, like my thoughts connected with them, like any other paper written by Abbey Morrison would be recognizable, because “that’s how she writes”. Overall my tone is reflective and almost whimsical I would say—any dream unlived but most desired should sound like a repetitive thought whispered in your mind almost like a secret, in my opinion. And that’s how I wrote “Stars & Stripes, Butterflies & Fireworks: A Story Of Love Untold”.

The second paper I choose to discuss is my issue paper, “High School and College: A Letter To My Adolescent Friends Titled ‘How Dare You Think You’re Life Is Hard’”. It is apparent that my audience is to high school students. My purpose in writing was to let them know what I thought of their struggles verses mine. I think my argument is effective because I’m honestly afraid to show this essay to any high school friend that I have for fear that they will get super offended. But if they did read it, I think it would convince them that their high school issues are ludicrous and miniscule in comparison to a college student’s.

Again, I used my voice loudly throughout this piece. A ten-page paper couldn’t be exciting if I wrote with no emotion, so writing about something that actually bugged me made it easier to get my point across and make actual arguments that I had a passion for. I used metaphors to add creativity, I used personal insights for credibility, and I inserted lots of relatable quotations, including one of my own from a blog post of mine. This paper was one of my favorites to write because I was able to write and hold nothing back—my opinion was the only one that mattered in this paper and I was able to express everything I wanted to without interruption: that is the beauty of writing. No one can stop you.

These two papers were the two I was most invested in. Writing for myself is a lot easier than writing for any other cause.

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