This is me.

Hey, I’m Abbey… And this is me. Just random facts and such. Enjoy.

  1. I absolutely love it when people call me Abbs.
  2. I like to sing.
  3. I am a member of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints. :)
  4. I hate feeling nervous.
  5. I eat way too much.
  6. It bugs me so much when people say especially like there’s a letter ‘x’ in it.
  7. Homemade salsa is the best.
  8. I’m a pro at wasting time.
  9. I blink a lot when I’m nervous.
  10. When I eat a cupcake, I always eat the bottom before I eat the part with the frosting.
  11. I don’t like it when the person I’m on the phone with is having a conversation with someone else that they’re with.
  12. Listening to music calms me down.
  13. I will keep my promises.
  14. I cry when I’m really frustrated.
  15. I’m used to getting stomachaches.
  16. Feet are gross.
  17. Early bird or night owl? I think I’m both.
  18. I wish I could be artistic and really good at drawing.
  19. I hate medicine.
  20. More often than not, I make a big deal over the littlest things.
  21. If you play with my hair, I will love you forever.
  22. I can’t stand the taste in my mouth when I wake up every morning.
  23. Organizing everything I own happens to be a hobby of mine.
  24. I would die without my music.
  25. I don’t understand why some people are as mean as they are.
  26. My dad is my hero.
  27. I like to write songs. But it’s hard.
  28. My hair is really thin and I kind of hate it.
  29. Japanese exchange students are my absolute favorite.
  30. I wish goodbyes didn’t exist.
  31. I like getting notes from my friends.
  32. I only like nail polish when it’s been on for a while and isn’t covering the whole nail anymore.
  33. I can’t imagine teachers having parents.
  34. I don’t like working in groups in classes that I don’t have friends in.
  35. I wish I was super good at playing the guitar.
  36. One of my biggest pet peeves is when people yawn while they’re reading out loud.
  37. Someday I would like to sing a duet with a boy… and have it mean something.
  38. I don’t like science labs.
  39. When I’m tired and grumpy, I don’t want to talk to anyone.
  40. I hate lies.
  41. Sleep is fantastic.
  42. It’s gross when boys wear shirts that are too small to “show off their muscles”.
  43. I don’t like singing in choirs.
  44. I hate blushing.
  45. I guess my skin is just really sensitive, but whenever people hit me, even like a pat on the back, it stings so bad.
  46. I’m not a fan of swearing. I hate it.
  47. The best day ever would have to include eating some sort of taco.
  48. I hate folding white laundry.
  49. I enjoy making bracelets out of embroidery floss.
  50. I hardly ever text people first.
  51. I love it when people trust me enough to tell me secrets.
  52. Chocolate can fix almost everything.
  53. Reading is wonderful.
  54. Talking about death scares me…
  55. I hate math.
  56. I love going to the store with my dad.
  57. Some days I want to be that quiet reserved girl that no one knows anything about.
  58. I think it’s pointless to like-like someone… so I try not to.
  59. But if I do like a boy, I reeeaaallly like him.
  60. I love to watch snow fall. It’s so peaceful.
  61. Throwing up is my weakness.
  62. There’s a certain person that I wish I could record every thing I do with them and watch those moments over and over again…
  63. It makes me so happy when my friends wear the bracelets that I make them.
  64. Someday I would like to go on a really, really long drive. I want to follow random cars, maybe stop at a cute little park… I want to go somewhere. Just me, the radio, and the road.
  65. I like to watch myself sing in the mirror. hahaha.
  66. I hate wearing swimsuits. With a passion.
  67. Sometimes I wish I was a dancer.
  68. I’d rather be freezing cold than hot.
  69. I’m very picky when it comes to shoes.
  70. I hate sleeping in. I feel like it’s such a waste of my day.
  71. In the summer of 2012, I wrote 87 letters—a letter a day.
  72. If I could sing everything instead of talking, and not be made fun of, I would totally do it.
  73. Talking on the phone is so much better than texting.
  74. Bobbie pins don’t work in my hair cause it’s too thin.
  75. I tend to be really impatient about basically everything.
  76. When I’m angry, I never know how to let it out.
  77. I am definitely not a picky eater. I’ll eat anything… unless it smells funny.
  78. I love the sound of the vacuum picking up stuff.
  79. I don’t like the feeling of jealousy.
  80. I wish I could be more athletic.
  81. New pants smell disgusting.
  82. I’m in love with cute smiles.
  83. I think I think too much.
  84. I get distracted easily.
  85. I like the marks I get on my hand from writing with a pencil for too long.
  86. Milk is superior.
  87. I don’t like to have long fingernails.
  88. I really don’t like the dentist. At all.
  89. I love to listen to my dad sing.
  90. I wish I was a runner.
  91. If you give me a pack of gum, it will be gone in less than two days.
  92. I fantasize a lot about being a famous singer.
  93. I’m scared of my feelings.
  94. I share a YouTube channel with one of my best friends.
  95. I’m a real Nazi about grammar and spelling. So if you capitalize all of your sentences and end them with the correct punctuation, I’ll like you a lot.
  96. When I’m really bored at school, I doodle. I draw hearts, stars, cubes, circles, and swirly lines, and occasionally flowers.
  97. I am an avid journal writer.
  98. I really don’t like sharing my food.
  99. I love fruit.
  100. I like hoodies.
  101. If I have to read something that I don’t want to, chances are I won’t pay attention and understand a word of it.
  102. Huge projects in school stress me out more than anything.
  103. I love baseball. Always have.
  104. I can’t fall asleep at night unless I’m listening to music.
  105. When I was about five years old, in my prayers every night, I would ask if I could marry the neighbor boy I always played with.
  106. I love summer.
  107. My face gets super red and blotchy when I cry. It’s embarrassing.
  108. I think I have a very nostalgic personality.
  109. I laugh a lot when I’m tired.
  110. There’s a weird thing I do when I’m jealous or angry and I’m in a situation where I can’t show that I am: I go crazy. I’m loud, and obnoxious, and probably really annoying. I don’t know why I do that.
  111. Painting is fun.
  112. I’m one to remember random little details of past events.
  113. I fail at public speaking.
  114. I love pineapple ice cream.
  115. If you haven’t figured this out by now, I like to be very organized. I kind of freak out when things are messed up.
  116. I love love love car rides. They’re the best ever.
  117. Yoo-hoos are probably my favorite drink.
  118. I love Costa Vida; I would go there every day if I could.
  119. ‘Fantastic’ is my favorite word.
  120. When I’m sitting down and I’m really relaxed, I start rocking back and forth without realizing it.
  121. I have a problem with texting. I hate saying bye, so I just keep texting until the other person stops… It’s either a good or bad thing, it depends.
  122. I love getting to know people, to really know them. I love listening to them talk about old memories, and their favorite things—all the little details…
  123. One of my favorites things is waking up to the sound of birds singing.
  124. My front porch is my thinking place. Unfortunately I can’t always go there because of my mom’s piano students going in and out. But when I do have time to myself, I love to be on the porch, in my white rocking chair.
  125. I love cleaning my room, the kind of cleaning that takes a couple hours. It’s hard work paid off.
  126. I’m afraid of mice.
  127. Starry night skies are so fantastic and amazing and beautiful and every other good word there is to describe them.
  128. “Stay With Me” (feat. Cady Groves) by Breathe Electric has always been one of my favorite songs.
  129. When I eat Lucky Charms, I always eat the cereal first and save all the marshmallows for last.
  130. I really don’t like asking people favors. I’m always too scared to, and I’d rather just to do things myself anyway.
  131. I love doing something spontaneous and unexpected every once in a while.
  132. I like being in charge of things, but only because I’m afraid the other people I’m with will do something wrong.
  133. I love love love David Archuleta.
  134. I like listening to other peoples’ laughs. It makes me happy.
  135. I love those long talks where the person I’m with and I talk about everything and anything.
  136. I’m an extreme failure at dancing.
  137. I’m kind of a hopeless romantic.
  138. I like my handwriting.
  139. Frazils are yummy.
  140. I don’t like it when I’m singing with a huge group of people and lots of them turn and look at me… It’s awkward…
  141. When I’m nineteen, I want to serve a mission for the LDS Church.
  142. I make up scenarios in my head of how I wish things were.
  143. I really really really like popcorn.
  144. Runny noses, or stuffy noses, are some of my least favorite things.
  145. I don’t ever really try to impress anybody.
  146. I hate packing.
  147. I love Idaho.
  148. Being able to drive by myself is one of the best things ever.
  149. Watermelon. Yum.
  150. Wherever You Go by A Rocket to the Moon is probably the greatest song in the universe.
  151. I wish I was a better songwriter.
  152. Reading the scriptures makes me happy.
  153. I love love love frozen lemon custard.
  154. I have broken a trampoline before. Ripped it right down the side.
  155. Those butterflies I get when I’m nervous really bother me.
  156. I’m not a huge fan of shopping.
  157. I love meeting new people.
  158. One day I hope to pull an all-nighter.
  159. Seminary is the best thing on this earth.
  160. I’m always afraid that I’ll burn myself when I’m putting in and taking out something from the oven.
  161. I like nice people. Like, a lot.
  162. I get so scared of not being able to please others.
  163. I really don’t like doing things I’ve never done before, especially when I have to depend on someone else’s knowledge to do it.
  164. Over-thinking everything in the world is a bad habit of mine.
  165. Apparently my “normal” face is a glare… I don’t like that.
  166. I love waking up in the middle of the night and realizing I still have a couple more hours to sleep.
  167. My favorite person ever is the one who can make me laugh the most.
  168. Books with love stories are the best books.
  169. I never get enough sleep.
  170. I love hot chocolate.
  171. I’m not very smart when it comes to eating healthy.
  172. I love getting compliments from people who aren’t the usual compliment-giving type. I feel like those compliments are more meaningful.
  173. My mom thinks I’m gonna get stomach cancer and die at age 28. hahahaha That’s a really scary thought actually…
  174. It takes me forever to get ready for bed.
  175. I love Sundays.
  176. I feel like repeating a word three times adds more emphasis.
  177. You’ll know I’m comfortable around you if I start laughing hysterically at every single thing. And I’m reeeaally comfortable if I start crying… ;)
  178. It’s super hard for me to be patient with people who are constantly complaining…
  179. Brownies are so so delicious.
  180. If I’m not driving, I like to be in the passenger seat.
  181. I guess I like being close to people, be it standing, sitting, or whatever. My dad calls me a ‘leaner’, which means I’m always leaning towards whoever I’m by.
  182. I like hashtags.
  183. Depending on the day, movie nights can be fantastic.
  184. The number nine looks weird to me.
  185. One of the reasons I love the winter is because I love white skies.
  186. It’s probably the worst thing ever when stomachaches are so bad that I can’t fall asleep.
  187. I love love love socks.
  188. My favorite color is probably like a greenish blue… Something like that.
  189. My cousins are cuter than life.
  190. I love clementines.
  191. Tangled will always be my most favorite movie ever.
  192. I really really like green salad.
  193. I love being with people that I could carry on a conversation with for hours.
  194. It’s a miracle when my family gets to bed before midnight.
  195. On some not-so-recently-rare occasions I dislike food and eating is a chore for me.
  196. I can be really judgmental sometimes.
  197. I spend way too much time on my phone.
  198. I like shaving my legs.
  199. Hugs are great. But they have to be good hugs; not the two second, hardly touching crap.
  200. It’s hard for me to forget awkward or embarrassing moments.
  201. Harry Potter is life. For real though. When I’m reading the books, I do nothing else.
  202. If I like you, I’ll probably believe anything you say. I think I trust people too easily…
  203. I’m not very fun to be with when it’s just one-on-one.
  204. I pretend to be a tenor when I sing church hymns.
  205. My happily ever after must include tons and tons of pictures of me and my husband together. I want to fill up at least a whole wall with just pictures in our home.
  206. In our friend group, we were all assigned to be Harry Potter characters. I’m Hermione Granger.
  207. I am so so so afraid of losing the people I care about… It’s a constant fear. (and it happens, and then you realize you had nothing to be afraid of.)
  208. I like Vans shoes.
  209. Sometimes I wish I had gone into drama when I was a freshman.
  210. Crepes are yummy.
  211. I can’t stand it when people act like they’re too cool and don’t seem to care…
  212. When I’m in a bad mood I really don’t like talking. So just leave me alone.
  213. I feel really good when I make people laugh.
  214. I quit violin after seventh grade… I should not have done that! I wish I still played.
  215. I kinda don’t like the sound of keys jangling together. But I kinda do.
  216. I reeeeeaaaally like driving at night.
  217. I associate clothing with memories. A lot of times I remember what I was wearing when something significant happens.
  218. Letters in the mail are so much better than everything.
  219. I secretly like being called on to read in class… but I never volunteer.
  220. Cinnamon toast is my comfort food.
  221. No matter how hard I try not to, I will scream during basketball (or any sport) games if they get intense. haha
  222. I love love love the ballroom team.
  223. I looove the smell of oranges.
  224. I like new and shiny pennies.
  225. The state of my room usually reflects what’s going on inside my head.
  226. I love walking on cold tile when I’m barefoot.
  227. I hate asking off for work… I feel so bad.
  228. My voice gets higher when I talk to people that I’m not super close to.
  229. My Pinterest account pretty much describes everything I think about.
  230. I love the smell of the oven heating up.
  231. Making breakfast with my dad is one of my favorite things.
  232. It’s super hard for me to motivate myself when I’m all alone.
  233. I’ve never broken any bones.
  234. I love rain. So so much.
  235. When I’m lonely I put on my Spiderman sweatshirt and I immediately feel better.
  236. I Like You by Ben Rector. YES.
  237. Flirting is annoying.
  238. The Secret Journal of Brett Colton is not just the cutest book ever, but it’s also really inspiring and just awesome. One of my favorite books for sure.
  239. I love the words ‘we’ and ‘us’.
  240. Music from the 1920s (Frank Sinatra, Louis Armstrong, etc.) is the absolute greatest.
  241. Spiderman is my favorite superhero. And Gwen Stacy is fantastic.
  242. Golf cart rides are super duper fun.
  243. Making up silly songs with friends is a new favorite hobby of mine. ;)
  244. Driving fast with the windows down and the music up up up is suuuuper great.
  245. Disney music beats all.
  246. I guess I’m a pretty touchy person.
  247. I really really really wish I could snap.
  248. I’m really into “mushy stuff”. Meaning I love hearing about cute things and watching movies with cute things and reading books with cute things… ya know… in love with love.
  249. I too wish that I had a middle name. I made one up though.. Jean. Abbey Jean. Like Hermione Jean. ;)
  250. I am SUCH a day dreamer.
  251. I really enjoy writing letters.
  252. I like shoulders? Weird, I know.
  253. I’m not a fan of curfews.
  254. I’ve been told many, many times that I’m warm. Like, whenever people give me a high-five or touch my arm or anything like that, I get a “Wow Abbey, you’re really warm!” I think it’s a good thing..? hahaha
  255. In my future house, I will read books to my kids. We’ll have tons and tons of children’s story books, cause I love them! And cause I enjoy reading out loud.
  256. Fishing reminds me of my Grandpa.
  257. I like to be behind the camera, to be in charge of taking the pictures… Yeah.
  258. If you haven’t figured this one out yet, I like making lists.
  259. Make fun of me/tease me for things that I do wrong and I probably won’t wanna be around you so much.. Maybe I’m just sensitive.
  260. I love thunder and lightning.
  261. Watches are handy and much appreciated when I have one.
  262. I’m not much of a party-song person. It’s all about the slow, pretty songs that have actual meaning…
  264. I think popping my fingers and toes feels good.
  265. I hate being in charge… Especially when it comes to big groups.
  266. It doesn’t take a lot to entertain me when I’m with friends. Just sitting and talking is enough for me.
  267. I wish I was a more outdoorsy person.
  268. I’m usually afraid to try new things.
  269. Having any kind of medical condition stinks. Mine stinks. My siblings’ condition–Celiac Disease–that stinks too.
  270. My favorite season is probably fall. I love the colors and the leaves.
  271. High school dances are so ridiculously fun! I love the excitement that comes from all of it.
  272. I think it’s crazy to get married at 18 or 19. It’s just soooo young.
  273. I don’t like chocolate ice cream. Ever.
  274. I’m a huge fan of eggs and toast for breakfast.
  275. People that copy other people–no. Just no. Be yourself gosh dang it!
  276. My favorite part of listening to music is making up harmonies to sing along with the songs.
  277. I absolutely can’t stand it when people try to order food while they’re talking on the phone. Maybe treat the worker like they’re human and worth talking to for just two seconds..?
  278. Frozen mangos. Mmm.
  279. I don’t like doing my hair.
  280. I think Halloween is a really pointless holiday…
  281. I’m a sucker for cute boy&girl pictures.
  282. I enjoy talking to adults when I know they like me, or at least can tolerate me..
  283. Keyboards and electric pianos are lame.
  284. I’m always hungry but I hate eating… the struggle, I know.
  285. Ingrid Michaelson knows my brain. Her songs are perfection.
  286. I have a very strong dislike for ice skating…
  287. In my opinion, Instagram is the best social media site.
  288. I hate erasing things on paper.
  289. I’m not much of a competitor when it comes to “showing off” talents.
  290. Warm, homemade food is the best. Junk food is junk.
  292. I fall asleep really fast.
  293. The type-face Cambria bothers me so much. Why is it the default on Microsoft Word when all papers need to be done in Times New Roman?! Cambria is ugly!
  294. I get so upset and embarrassed with myself when I send a text and realize as I reread it that I’ve made a typo.
  295. I’m getting my Associates Degree at Snow College.
  296. I hope to marry a man with blonde hair… so I can keep the blonde hair going in my family, cause right now, I’m the only one.
  297. I’m not too fond of traveling. And airplanes scare me… a lot.
  298. I love going to bed cold, because that means I can snuggle up with my blankets and pillows.
  299. I hate categorizing, mostly I hate being categorized by other people.
  300. One of my new favorite things (as of June 20th, 2015) is driving through the city at like, 2 AM. The lights are pretty and it’s so solitary and peaceful.
  301. I hope when I’m done with Roxberry that I never have to work with food ever again.
  302. General Conference weekends are my favorite weekends.
  303. My best friends are my mom, my dad, my sisters, and my brother.
  304. My apartment has to be clean or I can’t think clearly. Ugh.

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