Good Things #31 (cause things are that good)

1. Nate (& his family) came and visited super quick before we left for Colorado, which changed my whole attitude about the day cause I had a sad morning. The Johansens always make me happy. 

2. Road trips = napping. Yes. 

3. Went to the Denver Temple this morning. Going to the temple always makes me feel so good. 


4. We spent the afternoon looking through Grandma’s trunk–all of her keepsakes from childhood and on. Looking at pictures and listening to stories was the greatest. 

5. My dad is so funny and I love him and wish he was with us. 

6. Nature is great, isn’t it? Mas skipped his rock five times and he’s eight years old, I only got two today. 

7. The highlight of my day was getting to see Josh. I love him!! He’s the cutest ever and talking to him is just like we always do and I miss high school for the sole purpose of seeing Josh every day. But boy am I glad I saw him tonight.  

8. I love singing. There’s more to it than you’d think, but I like it a lot.

9. Jill was sharing stories with me tonight and it made me so grateful for her. She’s adorable. 

10. Connor & I laugh so much when we’re together. He’s my favorite.  


Good Things #30

1. In just a few hours I’ll be home with my family. :) :) :) I love them and miss them always. 

2. Last night the choir concert went so so well! It was so fun performing! Definitely a rush like no other. 

3. General Conference weekend was awesome, as always.

4. I have a heart wall in my Ephraim bedroom!

5. On Saturday I spent the whole day cleaning my apartment (what to do when you’re home alone) and it looks so so so good and I feel so much better being in a clean house!

6. I got a 96 on my Music Theory midterm. YES. 

7. I saw David Archuleta with Randy last Thursday! Best. Concert. Ever.  

8. People at Snow are so kind. I love everyone I meet!

9. My roommates are amazing. 

10. Phone calls with Aaron are so fun and I love that he tries to keep in touch. He’s the greatest friend, even from miles away!

Good Things #29

1. My sleeping habits still stink, but at least I don’t have the urge to fall asleep during the day anymore…

2. I love that no matter how much time Elysa & I spend apart, it’s like we were never separated when we get back together.

3. On Monday my very first customer gave me a five dollar tip.

4. Randy can use his phone in Nauvoo… So instant updates!

5. Aaron is one of the most thoughtful friends I’ve ever had and I like phone calls with him.

6. I will be done working at Roxberry in 20 days!!!

7. I’m going to Idaho in 22 days!

8. Nate is one of my besties. And I love that!

9. My new Spotify playlist is Nostalgia Central (haha that’s not really its name). But I like thinking back on things from wayyy far back, that way I don’t have to dwell on high school memories right now.

10. I usually like Grace, and she usually likes me. It works for us.

11. Connor gets home from High Adventure today!! I’ve missed him. And last night Jill & I blew up over 130 balloons to decorate his room… You could say we’re a bit excited. :)

12. Medicine is the worst, but not feeling the worst is worth it.

13. Yesterday I donated blood… Go me!

14. I love my rings. They are so so cute…

15. I really really enjoy writing letters.

16. I’ve gone to the temple twice in two weeks, hopefully I can keep it up… it makes me feel real good.

17. Shopping for my dorm room is kinda fun… and I have a supa cute bedspread!

18. Working in the morning is so chill… and horribly boring. But at least I get to catch up on journaling and stuff!

19. I love love love my family.

20. I finished an original song recently… GO ME :)

Good Things #28

So amid the conflict either great or small, do not be discouraged; God is over all. Count your many blessings; angels will attend, help and comfort give you to your journey’s end.

1. Rhett & Brooke are MARRIED. :) :) :)

2. Cameron, Connor, Leo, Carlos, and Charles all have their mission calls! It’s so exciting to see where these boys that I’ve known for years are headed… and I’m so proud!

3. Cadbury Eggs are perfect. Having a bad day? Eat them. Having a good day? Eat them. Your day is ten times better!

4. I really like it when people tell me to look up songs… and then when those songs are super great? Score.

5. Less than 85 days until I GRADUATE.

6. This week is halfway over.

7. I had a rough day yesterday until I went to work and closed with Aaron. He is awesome. AND Josh came and visited us for like an hour… kinda like he did a lot in the summer and it was cool. :)

8. I’m (mostly) caught up with homework and I’m so proud of myself! This accomplished feeling has been gone way too long.

9. Mrs. Hatch told me that I am a really good writer.

10. Josh is my tell-all-my-problems-to-friend. It’s a mutual thing–he tells me his problems too. I love it! Even though we complain a lot sometimes, it’s so great that we can let everything out to each other. He LISTENS to me. AND gives me advice (and comfort when needed). I love that.

11. I have the cutest little stuffed animal bear. He is the perfect cuddle buddy every night and I am so grateful for my cutest little stuffed animal bear. :)

12. I turned in my pictures for yearbook and I now have a good grade and I am sooooo relieved.

13. After this weekend I’ll be done with piano practicing. Whoo!

14. The way Rhett looks at Brooke.

15. Connor & I have become best friends and I love it so much. He’s cool. So are his friends! I love that they know me and like me!

16. Honestly, I’ve had the best days this month. The last two Saturdays were both sooooo perfect and fun.

17. Pictures make me happy.

18. Justin is a good friend to me. I’m grateful for all of Elysa’s friends and when they include me. It’s cool!

19. The Steadmans are all so wonderful and I love them so so much. They are the cutest family!

20. I’m going to prom with NATE. :) :)

21. I really do like meeting new people. Today I felt like I was ready and excited for college…

22. Fake it till you make it–it works. If you really try hard, it works.

23. I’m thankful for mutual. It’s like a breath of fresh air.

24. I LOVE NICE PEOPLE. *cough* Emma *cough*

25. Jake & Carlos hug me every time they see me. Jake is a tight hugger, and Carlos is a lift-me-up hugger. I LOVE IT. They are so fantastic and I’m so grateful that they’re my friends.

26. Favorite Girl by Icarus Account might just be the cutest song on earth.

27. I really love weddings I decided. Like a LOT. And the idea that someday it might be me in the white dress with some handsome boy who thinks I’m the prettiest girl in the world… Yeah. It’s a sweet thought.

28. God blessed the world with music… I’m grateful for music. Also, (this is wayyy off topic) when I pray for cute dreams, He gives me weird ones. It’s funny. ;)

29. When people tell me they like my clothes I feel really good. I know appearance shouldn’t matter too much, but it’s nice to know that I don’t look too terrible!

30. I’m grateful for my mom & dad and all they do for me. They give me chance after chance… kinda like Heavenly Father. And they love me like He does too… I am blessed.

Good Things #27

1. My room is super duper cute. :)

2. I’ve almost filled up my eighth journal. Whoo.

3. I LOVE FALL. I love driving in Overlake cause there are soo many trees and they’re all turning yellow and it’s so pretty!

4. It’s a three day week at school! (only two more now!)

5. On Friday Aaron came with my family to see Meet the Mormons (which was fabulous, by the way)… And then afterward he stayed at my house forever and it was so fun. :)

6. After the slowest night at work I came home and Mom warmed up some soup for me and we talked for a long time. Those are some of my favorite moments, talking with my mom.

7. I love love love having a car. It’s really cute too!

8. I totally understood Chapter 3 in Stats. And I think I did really well on the test.

9. My little siblings are so cute and skyping Kels with them last night was great. Also, Kelsie is AWESOME.

10. When I’m sitting in class and it’s infinity long I think, “this too shall pass.” Cause it will. Time always ends.

11. I like that I’m becoming friends with Ben and his friends… makes me feel cool.. and more included in Elysa’s life, which is also cool.

12. I’m grateful for my fancy calculator.

13. I like my seminary class. And I like Randy’s class a lot too. Probably cause I like Brother Stirling a lot.

14. Choir’s actually bearable this year. Because of Aaron, and my favorite pageant girls.

15. November and December should be SUPER good this year. I’m so excited.

16. The best gift I’ve ever received is no doubt the Stansbury Stallions blanket I won a few weeks ago. It’s soooooo soft.

17. My favorite thing about General Conference is going to Lewiston and being with my family.

18. Randy and I have stayed friends for so long and I’m super thankful for that.

19. My attitude about work is getting better… Slowly but surely…

20. When I can make someone smile it makes me so happy. :)

Good Things #26

1. Tonight Aaron and I didn’t want to go to the drive-in so we went to my house and sat in the living room and talked while my parents made dinner and then we all ate together and told stories and laughed a ton and it felt like how a family dinner should feel like. Aaron even seemed comfortable and that made me so happy cause I always thought he was intimidated by my parents. Ha. But it was just so great. I love Aaron cause when he knows I’m upset he doesn’t bug me about why I am, he just cheers me up. I love that no matter how stupid I am (and I know he knows how stupid I am), he’s still my best friend. I love that he came over tonight and hung out with my family. That was seriously the coolest thing…

Yeah, that’s all the good things.

K… Nighty night.

Good Things #25

1. I really like driving with my brother… especially around Stansbury; we both think it’s so pretty there.

2. Summer seminary was great, as always. And it just made me even more excited that my brother is gonna be a freshman! YES.

3. Being with the seminary council is always a good time. :)

4. I love trusting people, and knowing they can be trusted.

5. I am grateful for people that tolerate my comments and such during movies…

6. The Girl by City and Colour. A new favorite.

7. When we are stuck at work, Tanner and I still make the best of it, and I love that.

8. And then we get visitors and working isn’t even sad anymore!

9. And then the Disney music starts playing and we all sing along and I think, life is just so so grand, as I’m mopping the floor. :)

10. Pizza in and of itself is a good thing.

11. I love putting old CDs in my car and listening to the memories that go along with the songs.

12. I am such a huge fan of the lists that me and some of my best friends are making…

13. You Are My Sunshine has taken on a whole new meaning tonight. :) :) :)


15. I love love love smiles and laughs and smiles and laughs and yeah.

16. When we thought tonight was gonna be dumb, it was actually pretty good!

17. The fact that Tanner and I always park next to each other when we work makes me so so happy.

18. Hashtags are cool.

19. My room is clean and I looooove it.

20. Josh and Tanner are my favorite people at the moment. THE BEST.

21. Oh and Randy comes home in two days!

Okay now I’m gonna go finish my boooook!! Yayyy!!!! I like today LOTS. :) :) :)


Good Things #24

1. Fireworks are cute and cool and a lot of other awesome words.

2. My package should have been delivered by now… Hopefully! Oh and writing letters is fun too!

3. This morning I walked into the seminary building for our meeting and this was on the board…


… I LOVE TANNER. It made my day! I seriously thought about this all day long and it just made me smile. :) Tanner is the best.

4. Speaking of seminary… Seminary Council is basically the best thing that’s happened to me this year. I love them so so much and I know they love me too. ;) I love that we all hang out and party and tell each other everything…

5. I’m thankful for my best friends Elysa and Bay. No distance will ever sever our relationships.

6. A new record has been set for times around the round-about: eighteen, completed by Easton Brown with the help of the council. :)

7. My friend Kaden is basically one of the greatest kids in the world. I am so so grateful for him and the part he plays in my life. Plus he has really cute and perfect stories… ;) He’s one of those people that I can talk to about anything and everything and boy, do I need that sometimes. Thank you…

8. Driving is sooooooo wonderful.

9. Adam Young/Owl City is so stinking hilarious. I was dying of laughter yesterday just reading some of his instagram posts! I love that guy.

10. I enjoy row-boats and stars… kind of a lot…

11. Today my siblings and I took care of some kids from the ward. And I realized that I LOVE reading to kids… it’s so fun! And the baby fell asleep while I was reading, and when the others got tired of reading time, I went to sleep too… Nap time with this little cutie was so precious. :)



12. I get so happy when my friends are happy!

13. I really really like my new watch.

14. I’m so thankful I had the opportunity to go to Provo last week with the council. The lessons I learned and the testimonies I heard were sooo amazing… God is real guys. And our Savior. And Joseph Smith IS a prophet. I know that.

15. So I’m not super great at saying what I feel out loud and things like that… but I’m really grateful for the people in my life that make it easier to express what I want to say… if that makes sense…

16. I ordered more pictures today annnnd let me just say my life and the people in it are pretty stinkin’ cute. :)

17. And then as I’m typing, the song I See The Light starts to play… oh how I love Tangled…

18.  My friend Rando is doing such good things right now! I’m so proud. :’) hahaha

19. I LOVE MY BED. AND CHOCOLATE AND T-SHIRTS AND NEW BOOKS. And notes the perhaps smell like cologne. Weird. ;)

20. Cookout with the fam tonight. We ate yummy food and then sat around the fire while eating s’mores and talked about some really great stuff… I like my family. Lots.


I am preeettttyy happy and I like that.

Nighty night!


Good Things #23

1. Summer break is the best thing of my entire life.

2. At Airborne I made it to the Cliff Hanger on the obstacle course! :) :)

3. I’ve taken a nap almost every day this week and last week.

4. Aaron is the greatest friend.

5. I love it when Elyse visits.

6. My music is seriously better than everyone else’s and I just love driving with the volume up alllll the way. I drive a lot recently…

7. Working with Elysa is so super fun.

8. I saw Josh today for the first time in like two weeks!

9. My brother is the best actor in the whole world. ;) I am soooo proud of him.

10. Dates at the drive-in are fantastic. Especially when they’re with Nate! I had so so much fun last night. :)

11. Till Kingdom Come by Coldplay. Yes yes yes.

12. I love love love hoodies.

13. My bed is my favorite place to be…

14. Pictures make me extremely happy.

15. I love the fact that no matter what, my friends will always be my friends. Whether they’ve moved away or if we’ve just grown apart a bit, we’ll always be friends..

16. Drawing Tanner and Cameron’s future wives tonight was highly entertaining.. even though I can’t draw!

17. I LOVE temple trips.

18. Unexpected texts from unexpected people at 11:32 PM are greatly appreciated… ;)

19. I’m really into country music right now… don’t ask me why, but I kind of like it a lot..

20. I’m about to watch a movie in bed with the laptop. It’s a cute movie. :) I’ll probably fall asleep, but that’s okay.


Good Things #22

1. Basically I had a four day weekend cause I didn’t go to any classes on Friday or today.

2. I really like how it feels when you see a friend after not seeing them for a few days.

3. Austin Slade’s mission farewell was really cool. I loved the talks and everything else about the meeting!

4. Doing things out of the norm is pretty exciting I guess, even when it’s a trip to the hospital.

5. I am soooo grateful for modern medicine and nice doctors.

6. I can’t help but smile when I see my brother smile… he’s so cute.

7. Spiderman and Gwen are PERFECT. Forever and ever… *sniff*

8. There are over 50 pictures of Elysa and me in my room–we counted today. Guess we’re best friends. :)

9. I really really like naps.

10. I’m starting over the Harry Potter series.

11. Elysa is the best because she bought me a smoothie today. And also Randy and Kara are pretty awesome cause they visited me too!

12. I didn’t even go crazy on the anesthesia, which is a way good thing, cause I was afraid of that.

13. Chocolate is yummy.

14. Aaron left me a voicemail today… even though he hates phonecalls… I’ll take that as his way of showing he cares. He’s the best.

15. Speaking of Aaron, we have the best conversations ever.

16. My house smells like peach oatmeal..?

17. Okay… I really really really really like hugs…

18. This might sound weird, but I’ve just been thinking about this… I’m okay that I’m not the prettiest person ever or the girl with the cutest clothes or prettiest hair. I’m just me and I’m beginning to like that.

19. High school is soooo insane. But you can’t deny it’s a fun ride, despite all the crazy ups and downs.

20. Thirteen school days till summer. I soo need this break.. And I can’t wait!!!

K bye.